Thursday, February 6, 2014


Life around here has been busy.  Like, borderline too busy.  A friend asked if I could watch her boys one night and the first night I have free to do it is 2 weeks from today.  That's crazy.

The blog is falling by the wayside which completely bums me out.  I'm not recording Matthew's life the way I had hoped.  The little details that get forgotten over time.

In any case, here's what's happening at our house lately:

Matthew: is running, jumping, and raising hell where ever he can.  He's so sassy and so full of life.  He takes no crap from anyone and we're going through a physical restraint challenge - hello hair pulling... he has a ton of words and a ton of teeth and is cutting 4 more as I type.  He's my cuddle bug and we have a lot of fun (when he isn't making me want to pull my hair out).  Fantastic sleeper - a good 2 - 2.5 hour nap every day and a solid 12 hours at night.  Bliss.  He's a hit or miss eater but had recently begun to devour veggies which is such a nice change from picking every vegetable off the floor after meal time.

Ben: is going through a difficult phase.  A limit testing "I hear what you're saying but..." phase.  He knows his address and 911 and we're starting to teach him my phone number.  He loves his school and his friends and to make jokes.  He's a good helper when it's time to clean up.  He loves to go to the library and is so proud of his little wallet and library card.  He's eating like a horse and giving me legitimate nightmares for the teenage years.  He needs fresh air and hardcore exercise every day or he's very very naughty.  No one makes me laugh like my Benny.  He starts soccer in the spring and we're super excited!

Nick: is working nonstop.  That's not true, but that's what it feels like.  And honestly, I wish there were more to add but that's pretty much all he does anymore.  I'm trying to encourage him to get out there and have a social life but.  What can ya do?

and then there's me: I took the opportunity to be president of my mommy & me group for 2014.  I'm pretty excited.  I love my mommy group more than I can express.  It's helped me grow more as a person more than anything else (other than being a mom, that is).  Being a stay at home mom to two little boys should be more than enough to keep anyone busy, but I've been doing a lot of stuff.  I escape the chaos of being a mama often by going to the movies, going dancing, getting together & doing crafty things. I've also been bringing a little extra income to our family by doing some part time evening work once a quarter.  The extra money is super nice and it's also really nice to feel valuable in a way that has nothing to do with being a mom.

The end.  ;)

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

17 Months!

Well, at least I'm remembering to do some Matthew updates every now and then ;)

Mostly I just want to record all his words.  The last month, his vocabulary has really taken off.

At 17 months he:

  • can say: mama (but still doesn't call me mama), mommy, daddy, bubba, shoes, cat (followed by "meow"), kitty, dog, Sadie (shee dee), baby, duck, truck, car, up, uh oh, no, hot, ow, ouch, milk (guck), binkie (ginkie), wow, whoa, Jake (oh my...), ahoy (OH my...), go, wheee, please (pea), he asks "what's that?" and "where is it?"... and probably a few more I'm forgetting.  He's parroting a lot now and will often repeat what you've said.  
  • He used to shove his finger up his nose and said "ni" but he doesn't seem to want to do that anymore. He can point to head, ear, eye & mouth and knows where his belly button is (and enjoys poking it)
  • he LOVES to play.  he makes the "bbbbbbbbppp" noise when pushing around cars.  He loves to swing, slide & run.  He takes particular joy in annoying his older brother every opportunity he can.
  • he's wearing 18-24 month clothes and a size 6 shoe.  he detests his hat but likes his scarf and no longer head butts me when I put his coat on.
  • bath time remains a favorite as does teeth brushing.  I scheduled his first dentist appointment for the spring, so we'll see how that goes.  ;)
  • he loves to read and enjoys exploring the library as quick as he can.  
  • he signs more, all done, milk, water & please & waves when you say "night night!" and blows kisses when it's time to leave
  • is very anti veggie.  if you offer him veggies, he will refuse.  he will inspect every bite on his fork before putting it in his mouth and if you manage to sneak a bite of veggies in with his regular bite, he'll spit it all out, pick through it and throw the veggies on the floor.  He does like smoothies, though, so I make him one loaded with veggies at least once a week.
This little boy is no push over and has a sassy temper.  We went out to eat the other night and he'd brought along two cars (one of each hand, you know) and was happily pushing them around the table and through the tunnel made by our order number sign while Nick & Ben got drinks, straws & napkins.  Ben came to the table and asked if he could play with a car, so I said sure and handed him one.  I think any one within a 5 mile radius heard the angry scream from Matthew (very long too and turned his whole face red).  

These boys fight like demons and don't have very many heart warming tender moments.  They play but it often feels a bit mean spirited on Ben's part (sure, Matthew laughs at first when Ben whacks him in the face with a pillow, but I know Ben and I know he isn't doing it to make Matthew laugh - he's doing it to see how long he can get away with it before I make him stop).  Matthew gives as good as he gets and will not sit back and take it when Ben's mean.  Hopefully these two grow to more friendly play and less competition for attention cuz this mama is exhausted with that game.

He's a sweet little cuddler and loves to be picked up and lay his head on your shoulder.  His favorite songs are the ABC's and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and is usually calmed very quickly by either singing the ABCs to him or counting softly to 5.  He sleeps a solid 12 hours at night and generally does about 2 hours for nap during the nap.  It's so lovely.  I can usually get at least 1.5 hours of time to myself during the day as Ben's quiet time (not always napping) occurs at the same time as Matthew's nap.  Heaven.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Matthew's 14 Months!

Wow so I'm not even going to bother apologizing for my SERIOUS lack of blogging.

But I do feel terribly that I'm letting life zip by in super duper fast forward and I'm not nearly documenting Matthew's life in a way that I'll remember.  Other than random Facebook posts.  Sadly, he is completely a victim of 2nd child syndrome and over scheduled mama.

I love our crazy busy life.

Matthew's 14.5 months old at the time of this post.  At this point in his life he is:

  • He has 6.5 teeth (one of his molars is half way through, the rest of them are slowing making their way up through the gums)
  • says a few words: cracker (which means anything food or milk), cat, dog, duck, daddy (which means Nick and various other things that he points to and says "daddy"), and uh oh.  he refuses to say mama. 
  • he only signs his version of "all done" - he won't seem to pick up more, please, milk or thank you.  
  • he's wearing 12-18 month clothes and a size 5 shoe
He's a delightful baby.  Truly.  He loves to cuddle and is super sweet.  And sassy.  :)  He screams a bloody murder scream when he wants something (typically food) or isn't getting his way.  He slaps his legs when angry (a trick he learned from Ben) and he thinks when mommy says no to putting bark dust in his mouth, that means scoop it up faster and shove it in in large handfuls.

He loves to climb and slide at the park.  He loves swinging and jumping.  He loves annoying his brother.  :)  He does not love eating meals.  He must inspect every bite before it goes in his mouth and if you attempt to hide a bite of veggies behind his bite of dinner, he'll spit the whole mouthful out, pick out the veggies and only eat the dinner.  He likes to drink milk and have snacks (mainly: crackers, grapes, oranges, bananas, applesauce (or any smoothie style drink), yogurt, bread, etc). He thinks bath time is really great and wiggles a happy dance when you show him his toothbrush.  He's not a fan of "no." 

We're working on doing just one nap a day.  For the past 2 days, I've put him down around noon and he's slept til after 2:00.  It's really nice.  He sleeps a solid 12 hours at night - ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT.  No waking.  It's HEAVEN.  Ben still wakes up once or so a night several nights a week.  Having a kiddo that gets that night time sleep is for SLEEPING is amazing.  :)

He's still nursing, but at most 3 times a day.  He nurses for around 3 minutes each time (some times much less and some times not at all - he'll either slap me away or sign all done) generally before each nap (but now we're down to one nap, so I guess he just nurses twice a day) and then again before bed.  Very rarely will he express an interest in nursing any other time.  This is all baby led and I'm happy with the pace he's setting.  So pleased nursing was smoother waters this time around.

So that's it for Matthew at 14 months.  I'm so very excited for Christmas this year!  A 17 month old and a 4 year old - what a magical time it'll be at our home!!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Kids Say...

too long for a FB status & a memory I want to keep forever:

Yesterday evening at bed time, Ben & I had cuddles and a song and then I left the room while Nick & Ben had their cuddles & song (a nightly tradition).  When Nick was done, he came out and said Ben was asking for more mommy cuddles, so I went back in and was cuddling/tickling Ben.  He got a little crazy and kicked at me, which was my signal that silly time was done and it was bed time.  Slightly annoyed at being nearly kicked in the face, I said "good night" rather curtly, covered him up with his blanket and left the room.

Cue the hysterics.

Cue the theatrical crying.

Several moments passed and his door opened and a sobbing Ben rushed into the living room and launched himself at Nick.

"What's going on, Ben?"

(in a hysterical, sobbing voice): "Mommy said good night!"

to which Nick tried to smother a laugh and said "oh my goodness!  she said "good night"???  is that all??"

and Ben launched into a few more tears and blurted out "then she put the blanket on me!"

and Nick couldn't hold it back anymore "she said good night and tucked you in??  what a mean mommy!"

oh, that kid.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

Monday: Grilled Hawaiian Teriyaki Burgers with baked beans & sweet potato wedges

Photo via Skinny Taste
Tuesday: Anniversary Dinner!  Happy 8th anniversary to us! :)

Wednesday: Bacon-Wrapped Teriyaki Chicken Skewers with rice pilaf & a green salad
Photo via Our Best Bites
Thursday: Stuffed Shells with green beans & garlic toast

Friday: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with Tomato Soup

Saturday: Crock Pot Chicken Teriyaki with white rice & steamed broccoli
Photo via Lake Lure Cottage Kitchen
Sunday: Matthew's 1st Birthday Party!!!


I honestly had no idea how many Teriyaki style dishes I'd planned for this week til I started typing them out.  Apparently the family menu planner (moi) is craving teriyaki.  Oh, somebody, PLEASE bring me some Oshio Teriyaki from Enumclaw?  'Scuse me, I gotta go wipe the drool off my chin now... ;)