Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Demanded Update

Well, Happy Birthday Rob! And Tina! And anyone else that might be having a birthday today. Rob, we mailed your card but you know....it didn't get out in the mail til yesterday...so....you prolly won't be getting it til Friday.... oops

Nothing much new on the Beesley front. Nick's half way through this quarter already (already!! midterms!!). His birthday is coming up on Friday and his present is hiding in the garage in plain site, but he'll pretend he doesn't see it til Friday. :-) It works for us. My dad helped me go get it and that was an adventure in itself. The guy first tells me to hurry up and tell him if I want it, cuz he's got other people that want it too (I got it on Craigstlist - and I'm deliberately leaving out what I got him), so I said yes, I did and would he be free this evening. He said he would be all night. So, I arrange for my dad to take me out to get it in his truck and I tell the guy I'll be there at about 6:30. So he says to call him before we come out to make sure he's there.......I thought he said he'd be free? Confusion. So I called on my way and he informs me that he's leaving for 2 hours, but we can just let ourselves into his backyard and then leave the money with his neighbor........you should have seen my face on the phone. Really??? Does he sell much on craigslist? Does he get paid for it often?????? Well, we got there and I saw some one inside, so I rang the bell. It's his daughter, who has no idea what's going on. The neighbor chased me down in the yard............end of the story is that I got the thing, paid the girl and left.

Easter was good. I cooked (potato salad, apple pie and a ham) and brought it to my mom's. We colored eggs, my dad and I did our traditional egg hunt (no, really - he hides them for me, and I hide them for him). my brother and his family came over to eat and hang out for a little while, which was nice to see everyone.

Connor had a baseball game on Saturday and their team won! It was a great game, the weather was mostly nice (I got sunburned! first sunburn of the season!) and again, it was great to see everyone.

Tomorrow after work I'm off to tend to the girls while Jamie coaches Connor's game, as Carin's at a school thing. :-) I love being close enough to help out! AND!!! Hannah has asked me to help her redecorate her room! One of her friends just got a "teenagers" room and Hannah wants one, too. She's 7. I'll keep it mostly age appropriate and will try to make it easily transitionalable (is that a word? well, it is now) as she gets older. I'll let you know how it goes!

On an unrelated note: I have almost 40 bars of Scentsy on hand. Let me know if you're running low and I'll email ya what I have in stock. :-)

Bye now!