About Me

I originally started this blog back in like 2008 as a hope that my family would jump on the blogging bandwagon and start blogs of their own.  I've seen tons of people who have family blogs and I thought it would be a great way to keep my widespread family in touch at a moments notice. That hope never came to be and I'm the lone blogger in our family.

I feel a bit silly writing a post all about myself, because at this moment I'm thinking: who the heck is gonna read this?  In case I do get a "wanderer in off the street" - here's me:

My name is Sarah.  I'm a 30-something, married, stay at home mama.  I've known my husband since we were teenagers and we're pioneers in the world of online-dating.  We actually met online through an old-fashioned (the sound you now hear is me snickering) chat room - back before there were blogs or dating websites or Facebook or Myspace.  Just a simple little chat room where you chose a handle and could join in a variety of subject themed "rooms" and talk to random people.  It was the summer between my 10th & 11th years in high school and my family had just moved from Utah to Washington, to a home in the boonies.  I had no neighbors, I didn't drive, I didn't work, I didn't know anyone.  I spent a lot of time that summer on the internet, writing really terrible poetry, creating my own websites and learning how to code in HTML.  I also spend a probably unhealthy amount of time in chat rooms.  

Nick & I "met" in one of those chat rooms and as corny as this sounds: we had an instant connection (bah da bum! my unintentional pun works so fabulously!). We chatted almost nonstop that summer, and moved from online chatting, to talking on the phone, to exchanging letters.  Did I forget to mention that he lived in Florida?  Yes, that's right.  I in Washington and he in Florida.  We couldn't get much further apart if we tried!  Throughout the next year, we grew closer and closer.  The following May we convinced our parents that we should meet.  Nick's mum must have been crazy, for she purchased plane tickets for herself and her son and traveled all the way across the country to meet a girl and her parents that she couldn't have picked out of a line up previously.  Thankfully for all parties involved, we all hit it off.  Nick's mum and my mom became wonderful friends and the online romance bloomed IRL (oh gag me right now).

Junior Prom, 1998

Anyway, after several years of back and forth traveling, out of this world long distance phone bills and more than one bump in the road, Nick left his family behind for love and moved to Washington.  We were married in 2005, moved to be closer to my family (who had all left Washington to live in Boise, Idaho) in 2007, welcomed our first child, Ben, in 2009 and our 2nd son, Matthew, in 2012.

Lake Wilderness, Maple Valley, WA - June 25, 2005
 I'm a former insurance underwriter turned insurance agent turned stay at home mom.  While I do have moments of missing my job (more so the underwriter than the agent) and most certainly the extra pay, I wouldn't trade a second of it.  I love spending every day with my little boys (well... almost every day) and discovering who I really am.  I've always been drawn to interior design (I seriously considered that as a career for a long time), crafting and organization, and I'm loving the opportunity to try my hand at my more creative passions.

We Three Beesley's - October 2010

Family of four - July 2012
I love to travel (though I don't much get the opportunity any more) and I think this stems from being a former Army brat.  My dad joined the Army when I was just a baby and moved our family from Boise to Georgia.  From there we lived in North Carolina, Italy & Germany.  After Germany, my dad left the military and we moved back to Idaho, but this time up north to Moscow.  My dad attended college there and then landed a job that had us move to Clarkston, Washington. From there my dad's job was transferred to Salt Lake City, Utah and after that we relocated to the Seattle area of Washington.

It's Seattle that I really consider "home" as it's where I spent the longest stretch of my life (nearly 10 years).  I miss it tons.  I miss the rain and the mountains and the ocean and most of all - my friends.  I've had a hard time adjusting to life in Boise - I took a job at an extremely small office (just 5 of us and 3 of those were parents and son) and my husband works with a lot of older people.  Since I've left my job, I don't have much social interaction any more, and again find myself spending an awful lot of time on the internet.

I just recently lost my mom after her long fight with cancer and I miss her horribly.  I find myself wishing for my phone to ring and have her on the other end, annoying me with her long winded monologue about stories I've heard 10 times before and will hear 10 times again.  I miss her company, I miss her laughter and I miss her advice.

So, if you're still with me after all of that - I'm a nearly 30-something, wife, mother and small time blogger with big dreams, an overactive imagination and way too much on my "to do" list to be this big of a procrastinator.  :)