Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tonsils & Adenoids & Tubes, OH MY!

My sweet, sweet Benny.

The one with the usually dirty face (exhibit A above), the sweet smile, the infectious laugh, the brave face and zest for all things fun.

The one that drives me batty, toes the line, pushes my buttons and makes me want to pull out my hair.

My sweet little Ben, who's huge enthusiasm for the little things makes me forget how little he is.  The way he twirls my hair (and refuses to let me wear a pony), asks to snuggle in bed (with his beloved pillow pet, blanket of the week and his "special" - a Monsters, Inc blanket), loves to watch YouTube movies on my computer, and play cars with me.

Little dude has been so sick this winter.  One thing after another, this little boy cannot seem to stay healthy (which he is gleefully sharing with the rest of the family).  After his 3rd ear infection since the end of December and after feeling no better (and complaining that the other ear was hurting) after 4 days of antibiotics, his doctor referred him to a pediatric ENT.

We visited her today and she was pretty amazed at the state of his ears.  Apparently they're incredibly full of puss, and he's expressing his pain with a less than stellar attitude.  Looking in his mouth, she also discovered he's tongue tied (which explains why we had such a rough go of nursing - I'm pretty disappointed that his regular doctor didn't discover this when he was a baby...).  She recommended the "blue plate special":

  • tonsils out
  • adenoids out
  • tubes in
  • tongue tie fixed
All of this will be going down on Wednesday the 13th.  I'm relieved to have some answers on why this kid can't seem to stay healthy and why his behavior can swing so poorly (some of it's just his age but some of it is how he copes with being in pain).  I'm nervous.

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