Sunday, October 18, 2009

October Part Two

Well hello again. I feel like I've taken an internet sabbatical the last week and a half. My computer decided it no longer felt like functioning. I saw the dreaded Blue Screen of Death for the first time in years. My hard drive just plain crapped out. Nick wiped it and started fresh. Now I've got Windows 7 (ooo fancy) but my wireless card isn't playing nice. I have Nick's and he's "borrowing" one of our neighbors unsecured networks until he can find a wireless card that will work with our computers (he put my card in his computer and it still doesn't work).

Other than that, I can't say anything terribly exciting has been happening but what else is new? our lives are pretty even-Steven. I did go to the cardiologist and they did give me a monitor. I have it for a month and then if it's not better, they'll do an ultrasound on my heart. Wouldn't ya know that it's pretty much stopped doing that thing now? Oh well.

We had our birthing class last Tuesday. They showed the video of births, as I expected. And, as I expected, I was the ONLY girl that looked horrified. Me and the men (except Nick - I swear we are the opposite couple) looked stricken at the end of the movie. Other than that, it wasn't bad. I learned a lot of stuff, some terminology that I'd heard but didn't really know what meant or stuff I'd never heard of before. It was helpful already that we went. Thursday morning I woke up at about midnight in just absolute pain all across my ribs. At first I was thinking I was having some sort of contraction, but I took two Tums and drank a gallon of water and within about 20 minutes it went away. Nick remembered from the class about how dehydration can bring on contractions and I have to confess I'd hardly had any water that day. Coupled with the burrito supreme from Taco Bell I had about 10 minutes before bed (ha), I think I just had a wicked case of indigestion. Lesson learned.

I'm starting to get uncomfortable like all the time. A couple of weeks ago, I was boasting on how much I just loved being pregnant. Now I'm starting to reconsider that. I have just under 2 months to go and I have to admit that while I'm terrified of the whole labor process, I'm so ready to just have him already. Not that I'm in any rush to have him early - all in due time - but okay, you know how you feel after Thanksgiving dinner? You're just stuffed to the point of bursting? That's how I feel almost all the time. Like I've got a basketball stuffed in my stomach (which, I sort of do).

It's been really hard to pinch my pennies this month. We didn't count on Nick's work withholding his first two weeks of pay, so he won't get paid from his new job til the end of the month. That means we've been living on JUST my paycheck this month and it's been hard to make it stretch (ugh and we're only at the half way mark). I'm DYING to go get my rocking chair and my bedding set. My mom got me a ton of super cute sleepers and then I finally went through the old baby clothes that Carin had set aside for me and picked out a bunch more stuff that wasn't girlie. So that made it better, I have new stuff to wash and admire and put away.

I'm making Nick contribute to the blog. I said "do you have anything you'd like to add?" and he said: I'm excited for my paycheck. That's apparently it from Nick.

So this is all. Not so exciting but now you've been brought up to date on our FABULOUS lives.

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