Monday, August 13, 2012

One Month.


You celebrated your one month birthday on August 1st!  I intend to do some monthly photos of you each month with the same props.  I took some at the beginning of the month in brother's wagon but I don't like the way they turned out.  I have another, simpler idea that I think I'll use starting in September.

You sleep a lot, but that's normal for your age!  During the day, you can be found swaddled and in your swing.  You love your swing.  We had one for Ben and Ben hated it so we sold it.  I had a hunch you'd love a swing and I found one for a rockin' deal on Craigslist and got it.  You do love it and I'm glad we got it!  You also love to be swaddled but you're a houdini & would bust out of any blanket, no matter how snug we got you. We ended up buying some of those swaddling blankets for you which have been amazing.  Night time you sleep in your crib.  Some times you sleep up to 5 hours between feedings.  During the day you go about 2 - 3 hours between feedings and eat for a minimum of 15 minutes, but mostly it's about 20 minutes to a half hour. 

Daddy used the tape measure on you the other day and we're thinking you're right about 22 inches.  Since you've burst out of your newborn sized clothes already, I think the hospital must have gotten your length wrong when they measured you at birth (since you measured 22" at the hospital and I know you've grown since then).  We have no way of knowing for sure, though...  we did a estimate weight on you (I weighed myself and then myself holding you) and you're right about 12 pounds, according to mommy's bathroom scale.  You love to eat!  :)

You love taking baths.  I'll admit that we don't give them to you as often as we did Ben,  but when we get you in the tub, you're quite happy to hang out and enjoy the sensation.  It took your brother a long time to warm up to the idea so it's fun watching you enjoy it!

You're starting to be awake longer periods during the day, which is lots of fun.  You've given us a few beautiful smiles (I haven't been able to capture one on camera yet, though!) and you're starting to gurgle & coo more.  Just like your brother, you seem to love sneezing and coo after each one.  Unless you're already tucked up in your crib or in your swing, every time brother goes to sleep, you & he have special brother cuddles before he goes to bed.  It's very sweet and Ben loves it.  I think you must, too!

According to, these are the skills to be on the look out for this month in development:
Most babies can:
  • lift head when lying on tummy - check
  • respond to sounds - check
  • stare at faces - check
Some babies can:
  • follow objects briefly with eyes - check
  • vocalize with oohs & ahhs - check
  • can see black & white patterns - I think so.  You go super cross eyed at high contrast items
Few babies can:
  • smile/laugh - partial check.  you have smiled a few times.  no laughing yet, though
  • hold your head at a 45 degree angle - I don't think so

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