Thursday, September 13, 2012

Completely Random Rant.

I started to type this three different times as a status on Facebook and decided it was too long for a status and should be a mini blog rant instead.

I have a love/hate with gmail.  Here's one of the reasons for the hate.

Last night I listed an item on Freecycle.  I got a few replies last night and a few more this morning.  In the end, a couple came and picked up my item this afternoon around 4:30ish.

Then, I'm at the library with Ben & Matthew and I get this scathing email from another lady, confused as to why I'd lead her to believe she was first in line for my item and wanting to know why she saw another couple loading up the item she came to get as she pulled in my cul de sac.

I frantically scroll through the message that I thought I was sending to one lady.  It turns out I was emailing FOUR DIFFERENT PEOPLE in ONE email thread because gmail combined all the messages into one, since they all shared the same subject line. 

Between quickly replying on my phone or doing a fast reply from my computer while Ben screeched at me to come play with him, I never noticed the different names on the email.  It all made sense in the stream of the conversations, so I was completely clueless that I was replying to so many people.

Not to mention, I felt awful.  I never meant to give two people permission to come get the same item (it's not like they were paying me for it and I was hoping to give it to the highest bidder - it was FREE).  I apologized all over myself to the lady who called me on it but I'm sure she thinks I'm just making crap up.

I just had to share my random gmail rant.

The end.

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