Thursday, January 31, 2008

Nick's Winter Wonderland Adventure

This evening I braved the elements in order to help repair a printer at Sarah's work. On the way back I notice that my car is making noise that doesn't sound quite right. As we continue to travel the noise becomes more and more dubious. About halfway home I decide to pull into a sub division to check on what the noise is. Low and behold my rear driver side tire is flat. It is presently raining, but there is a lot of slush all over the roads (it's been snowing a little bit every day for about a week). As I get the jack and spare tire out, the precipitation changes to a rain snow mix... and I picked a great day to not wear a belt.

Luckily, Sarah was following behind me on the way home, so I was able to get some light to help change the tire. Between both our cars we were able to scrounge a couple pairs of gloves, an umbrella, a towel and a sheet to kneel on. I'm sure it was a comical sight to see Sarah trying to use the umbrella to shield me from the snow that was blowing sideways. I'm struggling to jack the car up and change the tire.

Finally, I managed to get the spare tire on and begin to drive off... but I forgot to take the car off of the jack (that was surprising). It's been quite a night, and I'm very glad to be huddling by the fire for the rest of the night.


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