Sunday, May 31, 2009

The cat's out of the bag

I haven't been blogging much. I've had a secret that I've been keeping to myself and I just couldn't think of anything else to blog about so I just didn't.

For any of you that read my blog that haven't already heard the news, we're expecting! Baby Beesley should make his or her appearance some time around December 16th. We're so very excited! We wanted to wait until 12 weeks before sharing with pretty much everyone, just to be safe. I've been trying to follow all the rules, so far the hardest thing has been giving up Subway (see here to learn about listeria and why it's bad for pregnant women).

Anyway, aside from that news, we've also bought a new car. We traded in my slowly but surely falling apart Lancer for a spiffy new Ford Fusion. It's a nice and safe car (and it's FANCY - it has a sunroof and it has that Microsoft Sync so it talks to me like Kit). We were on the warpath to get an SUV or small truck, something with 4 wheel drive that we could use camping, but in the end safety won.

Nick finished his Spring quarter with great grades - about a 3.5 GPA (an A, a B & a B+). Summer quarter starts June 8th and goes through August 30th. Graduation should be right about then, so we'll be having some sort of party to celebrate. Then it's 1 and a half more years for his Bachelors and he's all done!

I've also decided to set aside Scentsy for now. I just don't have the motivation to spend on building it and now with the baby coming, I'd rather spend my free time planning for baby than planning for Scentsy. If any of you still want stuff and don't want to find a new local consultant, my bestie Susan sells out in Ohio and she'd love to be your consultant. Just let me know & I'll hook you up with her. :-)

The weather is getting HOT here. It's been mostly in the 90s for about 2 weeks now. We did go camping over Memorial Day weekend and had pretty nice weather. It did rain almost all night on Saturday but the other days were great. Hopefully I'll be up to more camping as the summer goes on.

Well, for a month of not posting, I guess there isn't much to say. Now that the news it out, I'll be better about blogging and sharing my pregnancy journey with you.


  1. YAY!!!!! **doing happy dance**

    I am so happy for you and Nick! You will make wonderful parents! Keep me informed -- will you find out what it is?

  2. Yippee!!! I'm so excited. Babies are just so fun. :-)

  3. This is sooooo exciting!!! YAY for the little Bee!!! :)