Sunday, July 5, 2009

Oh you know it's hard to be humble...

Nothing much new to report, but it was pointed out to me that I haven't blogged recently. So here's an update.

Let's see, for our 4th anniversary, we took a 4 day weekend but really had nothing planned. We talked about driving over to the Oregon coast or over to Seattle or over to Yellowstone but eventually decided the cost of gas was just too much for a road trip right now. So we hung out mostly at home. Friday we did drive out to Silver City - which was boasted as a ghost town so I was super excited to see it. Unfortunately, their version of "ghost town" and mine differ. To me, to be a ghost town one should live in it. it should just be old abandoned buildings, maybe a tasteful plaque or two. No. This is a for real little town, it even has a hotel!! So that was slightly disappointing but still a nice drive.

The rest of the weekend we really did nothing. Did some yard and house work that we'd been putting off - the biggest thing we did was replace the lattice on top of the little pergola thing we have on the deck. The old was really old and falling apart (especially since the neighbors grape vines grew up over the lattice and when they cut back the vines in the fall last year, they took a good portion of the lattice with it). So that's all replace and pretty.

Last week was a short one at work - since we had Monday off and Friday both our works were closed for the holiday, it was so nice. Again, this weekend we really didn't do too much fantastic. Friday we took a small drive around some of the back country roads here...found a couple of farms that I insure...nothing special. Friday night we were invited over to my brothers for dinner and card playing. I'd say that was very nice but we had a little road bump. My brother went out to get dessert and...sigh. He accidentally backed into my car. It's not a huge amount of damage, but Nick & Jamie have decided that the door (rear passenger) will have to be replaced. So we're off to take care of that on Monday after Nick gets off work. I hope it doesn't take too long! Other than that, it WAS a nice evening. And we ought to do it more often - we don't see each other much.

Saturday we went over to my parents for lunch w/ my brother & his family and then we stayed around to watch the fireworks. Poor Sadie just really gets so scared by the loud noises, so we decided at about 10:30 to just take her home. As soon as we got outside, one of my mom's neighbors let off a HUGE firework (the illegal kind that explode in the air) and Sadie tried to make a beeline back to the garage. Thankfully Nick had a kungfu grip on her leash and she didn't escape. We got home and cuddled with her in the bedroom - we had the fan on and Deadliest Catch on pretty loud and that drowned out the firework noise. Poor doggie. Thankfully it's really only once a year. Not too much firework celebrations on New Years here.

I've read a few books this last week. I read one Heidi lended me called Outlander (#1) by Diana Gabaldon. I'd never read anything by her before but I really got sucked into that book. I'm eager to read the next one and I'm sending Susan this one to read, too. then I re-read the Circle Triology by Nora Roberts. Then I read Twilight - and I surprised myself by really liking it! I didn't think I'd really be in to it at all, I mean it's geared at teenagers. It's well written, it's a quick and easy read and it moves very well. I'm gonna watch the movie tonight and then start book 2 tomorrow.

So that's it. That's my lovely update.

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