Thursday, December 17, 2009

Time's Up!

Well, today is officially my last day of being pregnant! It's been a pretty amazing journey so far - started way back in April when I finally took a test that came up positive just three days before Nick's birthday. I was going to wait and tell him on his birthday, but I was just so excited I couldn't keep it to myself. I giggled like a little kid ALL day long that day. Then we told my parents not long after Mother's Day and his parents right after that. Then we shared with every one else our good news!

Pregnancy has been a fairly easy adventure for me. I did have a bout of morning sickness for most of my first trimester - I soon discovered that Strawberry Pop-Tarts, vitamin B6 and taking my prenatal at night instead of in the morning were my life savers. So while I was sick every day, it didn't seem as bad as some of the horror stories I'd heard. Sick in the morning, fine by mid-morning and smooth sailing for the rest of the day. I didn't have any surprise STD's (you have no idea how relieved I was to learn that I did not in fact have herpes....and if there was ever a need for a sarcastic font, this would be the place to use it! LOL!) and I passed my glucose test with flying colors. Even the drink wasn't that disgusting - I mean, it's nothing I'd ever say "oohh, pour me a glass of glucose drink!", but I was able to get it down.

Finding out the gender was way exciting. I had no idea one way or the other. Nick's mom was hoping for a girl, since she has a grandson already; my mom was hoping for a boy since she has two granddaughters and one grandson already; Nick was certain boy since I was eating meat like a caveman; Brenda at work was certain girl....the very first picture we got of him was of his boy bits. He's squirmy and most of our ultrasound pictures are blurry because he won't sit still.

I never had any strange cravings. I did go through a pickle phase, where I probably had 3 jars of pickles total - but I wasn't like dipping them in peanut butter or anything odd. I also had a lemonade phase, where I was drinking a carton of Simply Lemonade every other day. The biggest thing I craved was hamburgers. McDonald's $1 cheeseburgers were what I wanted and I probably had one (or two...) 5 times a week. But that being said, I haven't gained much weight. So far I'm at 5 pounds total for my pregnancy, so by the time this little boy is born, I'll weigh less than I did before I got pregnant (woo hoo). I didn't do the swelling thing, I was able to wear my regular shoes and my rings the whole pregnancy.

I still don't like chocolate. I wonder if that's a taste that will come back after he's born, or if I'm just off chocolate for life. The only thing bummer about that is I keep craving brownies. I haven't made any yet because I'm fairly certain I won't like them but I want one. Other than that, I'm not too bummed about not liking chocolate any more :-)

Decorating the nursery was so much fun. We did it slow - started out with just the crib that Nana Anson bought us not long after we announced we were expecting. The rest of it was on hold until we found out boy or girl. Once we knew we were getting a little boy monkey, we took that theme to heart and picked out monkey bedding. We painted the walls a nice sunny yellow and slowly but surely accumulated all the things we need. I'm sure there's stuff I'm missing and I'm sure there's stuff I thought I had to have that I'll never use - but we won't know what any of that is til we discover we need it and don't have it or go "well, that was a waste of money" :-)

The baby shower was so much fun. I really restricted myself and didn't go hog wild buying things (in fact, I don't think I bought one thing for him before the baby shower) until after the shower. Susan came out from Ohio to host and my mom graciously let us use her house for it. Some of the husbands came and huddled together in the basement with my dad and Nick to play pool, drink beer and be manly men.

So tomorrow is the big day. I go in at 7:00 and will have a baby at some point during the day. I'm starting to get nervous - yesterday I didn't really feel one way or the other about it. Today I'm getting nervous/anxious. I'm not thrilled still with the idea of labor. I'm really trying to not think about that part and just think that I get to bring a bundle of baby home with me, but even that part is a little overwhelming. I know we'll do fine and I have a terrific support system here if I need it but it is overwhelming and intimidating.

Nick is like certain Ben is coming today and as such has taken today off work. And as such, I'm making him do home work. Insert diabolical laughter here. This is actually perfect timing - Nick is off from school for the next two week for Christmas and New Years, so our evenings can be spent together. Since his work is so flexible and allows him to work from home as often as possible, he'll be here at a lot to help. I do have some last minute Christmas shopping to do today, so at some point I'll actually go get ready for the day and we'll get that stuff taken care of.

My hospital bag is all packed and in the car. Ben's bag is all packed (for the 3rd time....I keep changing his going home outfit) and in the car. The car seat is installed and ready to go. And tomorrow! Tomorrow!!! Tomorrow we get to finally meet him!!! The hospital called me a few minutes ago to talk about what I need to do for tomorrow and ask me a barrage of questions. And good news! The ban on visitors has been lifted so you can all come visit me on Saturday :-) And bring me prizes. We'll do our best to keep you updated via FB updates once things get going...because I know it's all each and every one of you will be thinking about tomorrow. LOL

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