Monday, April 19, 2010

Ben's 4 Month Check Up

Just a quick blog to update anyone that cares how his appointment went today. All in all, it was a very good appointment. Great weight (14 pounds), great height (25.5"), he's growing appropriately, hitting his milestones on time. Talked to her about his feeding - she said how he's probably just super effecient about eating, which is why he doesn't eat for very long but we can try making him wait - so instead of him eating every hour, try to get him to go every hour and a half, etc. She said I could take Fenugreek (I asked about this - a friend told me about it, it's an herbal supplement that women have been using for ages to increase milk production). I'm hoping to build up a nice supply so that I have some on hand for middle of the night feedings, etc, and sort of wean him off formula. We also talked about making sure he gets Vitamin D drops added to some of his meals if we take him mostly off formula. She said we could start giving him rice cereal once a day now if we want - it's totally up to us. She said it's a myth that giving it to him before bedtime will make him sleep longer - they don't wake up because they're hungry necessarily, they wake up because they're thirsty.

I asked her about teething and showed her what I thought were little teeth bumps - she doesn't think he's teething just yet but talked to us about more of the signs and how it's common for babies to get ear infections while teething. She also said we can start putting light sunscreen on his arms and legs (but to keep it off his face and hands for now) and cautioned that just because he's got on the sunscreen doesn't mean he won't get overheated when we're out and to make sure we have some food for him so he can drink and cool down. She doesn't want us to start giving him water yet, empty calories that will fill his tummy but doesn't give him any nutrition.

Got his 2nd half of the shots from his 2 month appointment.......he screamed and cried and screamed and made every one in the office feel bad but he's mostly over it now and has been in a fairly good mood this afternoon.

And that's pretty much it!

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