Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ben's 1st Camping Trip!

Well, we set out for a camping adventure this weekend. I was looking at my calendar for June earlier in the week and realized we had something planned for every Saturday this month except the first weekend in June. I looked at the weather and we were promised nice temperatures in the upper 70's with varying degrees of cloudiness. I figured that was pretty great weather for camping. My parents were game to go so Friday we loaded up our car, drove over to my parents where we put all the overflow camping gear that we don't have room for in Nick's PT Loser now that we have the kiddo to wedge in there too, dropped off our doggie for the pet sitter (our dogs are not camping dogs) and headed out.

Normally we go up to Idaho City and camp up by Barber Flats on the North Fork of the Boise River. Since it's been raining a lot here recently, Idaho City was under flash flood warnings so we decided to go to a new place. We went out by Mountain Home and camped in an area by Anderson Ranch Dam - there's a nice reservoir there. I guess I should say (for those of you that don't know): we are not go to camp grounds and camp type people. We don't want to chat with our neighbors - in fact, we don't even want to be able to know there are other people camping in our vicinity at ALL. Unfortunately, where we landed was a campground, with the Forest Service approved fire container, dumpster and portapotties. The spot we got was all by itself but really big enough for 2 or 3 families. We spread out our stuff to occupy most of the spot and settled in.

Friday night it POURED as we were setting up the tent. Nick & I got SOAKED (him more than me as I couldn't pass Ben off to my mom until their tent trailer was set up). The rain didn't last long on Friday evening so we sat out and enjoyed a fire and got to see some stars before it clouded up again. That night was fairly uncomfortable - it rained and was chilly and our air mattress sprang a leak, so half way through the night we were practically on the floor. Saturday morning was beautiful - slightly cloudy, mostly warm and we spent quite a bit of time outside. Ben was a FANTASTIC camper. He loves being outside and was content to sit on a lap and look at the trees or the water or the fire.

Saturday evening we borrowed a mattress pad from my parents (their tent trailer sleeps on both sides of the pull outs so we used the mattress they weren't using) and we slept SO comfortably. It wasn't as chilly as the night before and well, we were sleeping pretty great. Until about 4:00 in the morning. I woke up to Nick telling me to take Ben (he was taking a turn sleeping with him) in an urgent voice that had me nervous right away. I didn't hear it, but a truck pulled in to our spot at 4:00 in the morning on a Sunday in the pouring rain. What they were doing, I have no idea. They got out of their truck, made a lot of noise and then got back in and left. My dad took a walk around just to see and found another truck had come in at the same time (but strangely neither him or Nick saw another pair of headlights come in with the other truck....hmmm) and was parked up on the beach. He didn't see anyone in the truck, came back to our tent and chatted with Nick and then went back around for one more check of the beach. What did he find? Random people, wandering around the campsite with no flashlights (at 4:00 in the morning in the pouring rain on a Sunday I remind you). My dad asked if they needed help (as he was holding his shot gun over his shoulder) because he heard one of them say something about a tow truck. They said no, my dad wandered back over to our tent and then about 10 minutes later, we heard that truck leave.

I have no idea what that was all about but I tell ya they were up to no good, whatever it was. It made me worried and I felt really exposed in a dinky little tent (okay, our tent is freaking huge but still, it's a tent) with a baby. No one slept after that and we started packing up to come home at about 5:30 when Ben woke up to eat.

Other than that, though, we really did have a good trip. We saw deer and elk and Osprey and chipmunk and what we think was a marmot. Ben is an easy camper and I think we'll go again. With more guns next time, though.

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