Sunday, June 20, 2010

Something Clever Goes Here

Holy smokes guys, Ben is 6 months old! We all survived! And you know what, it really hasn't been that big of a deal. Parenthood is absolutely nothing you can prepare for. You just have to dive in and do it. Doing it with a huge dose of humor helps dramatically.

He had his 6 month check up on Friday and did really well for the whole thing. I actually felt bad, like we were tricking him because he was in such a good mood the whole appointment, flirting with all the nurses, thinking the oral vaccine tasted pretty yummy and then the cries. But I sang him his favorite song and had him calmed down before we left the exam room. He didn't gain much weight, he's at 16.7 lbs now (only 2 pounds gained in 2 months) which puts him at the low end of the percentiles & 27 inches for height. Doc wants us to bring him in next month just for a weight check now that I'm gonna be giving him more food. Cereal twice a day (which I'd already started doing) and fruit/veggies 3 times a day. Ben's a bit of a snacker when he nurses - he's always wanted to eat frequently (like every hour) but he only eats for 10 minutes so he's not getting as much nutrients when he nurses. I'm trying to stretch him out til at least 2 hours before I let him nurse again to encourage him to eat longer and so far it's working pretty well.

I swear, every time we get shots it's a different reaction. The first set of shots, he slept all that day to recover and was up all that night. The second time he got the fever. This time he was the most amazing sleeper. Every night since Friday he's gone to bed at about 7:30 (about an hour earlier than he used to) and has slept straight through til 4:00 or 5:00 for eats and then again until 6:00 or 7:00 before he's up for the day. Yay for us! He was a bit of a crab the rest of Friday (but fighting it - he didn't want to be crabby) and a bit feverish Friday night/Saturday morning but that's it! And the BEST news is I read on the hand out my doc gives us is that if he's current on his shots, NO SHOTS AT THE 9 MONTH APPOINTMENT!!! HOORAY!!!

Anyway, aside from check ups, Saturday morning we met with a photographer our friends recommended (she did their wedding, newborn and 3 month old shots of their daughter) and had some pictures done of Ben. We did them over at my parents house and I'm SO SO SO excited to see how they came out. I'm driving myself NUTS checking her blog to see if she's posted any sneak peeks yet. I'm not expecting to see anything til probably Tuesday but I can't help myself from looking. Ben did SO good for her, he sat all by himself for a long time and was so cooperative and smiley (when we could get him to tear his eyes away from the fountain my parents have in their courtyard that is) and didn't get too fussy until we were almost done anyway.

Today was, of course, fathers day. My present from Ben to Nick isn't here yet, maybe on Tuesday or Wednesday (grr...totally my fault, I had it picked out ages ago but forgot to order it until late). I attempted to let Nick sleep in but I didn't know Sadie was asking to go out while I was nursing Ben so Nick ended up getting up kind of early anyway. We went down to the Trolley House on Warm Springs Ave (if you go there for breaky, get the breakfast burrito - YUMOLA) and then did a bit of driving around aimlessly. Then we headed over to my brother's for a father's day feast with the fam and had a bit of a pinochle tourney while Ben played with the girls.

Tomorrow Carin and the girlies are coming over to watch Ben for me while I go see Jewel with Tiffany & Christina at the Botanical Gardens. I'm SO excited! I haven't been to many concerts and I love Jewel!

Friday is our 5 year anniversary and we're dropping Ben off at my parents and we're having dinner and then off to see our favorite comedian, Brian Regan perform at Morrison Hall. SO, SO excited!!!

THEN a few days after THAT, Tiffany and I are going to see the 3rd Twilight movie, Eclipse!!

Whew. :-) Busy summer so far and summer hasn't technically started yet. Gotta work in some more camping in July. We only went once all of last summer and we want to go more this year!!!

We're hoping (hoping, hoping, hoping) to get over to Seattle towards the end of summerish and then down to Florida about mid-fallish. Then before you know it, we'll be celebrating Ben's first birthday!!

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