Wednesday, January 12, 2011

12 on 12th.

I found this idea from one of my favorite bloggers, Marta Writes that she adapted from here. I like Marta's idea better, because I am not going to commit to taking 12 pictures in a day (not to say I haven't taken 12 pictures on any given day, but I don't always take pictures every day), but I can commit to writing down 12 things about a day once a month.

So here are my 12 things for the 12th of January:
  1. Tiny, proud steps, with his chest pushed out and a look of total glee on his face
  2. 1 day shipping from Amazon and a $10 off coupon
  3. Creating snazzy presents for family & friends
  4. Hobby Lobby....they really should never have built one nearly walking distance from my house
  5. Burritos for dinner -yummmmm
  6. Not freaking out over the little things
  7. Looking through old pictures (I have a copy of my mom's birth announcement - so cool!)
  8. Organizing. And re-organizing. And organizing one more time to get it just right.
  9. Challenging myself to try something new
  10. Dancing penguins - a favorite of Ben's (gotta get a copy of Happy Feet!)
  11. Deciding I'm not going to read for awhile, and being okay with it
  12. Playing Zuma Blitz - slightly addicted

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