Tuesday, April 12, 2011


It's the 12th. So here are 12 random things about today.

  1. It looks beautiful outside. I think park play is in Ben's future ;)
  2. I'm working like every spare minute on my scrapbook project. I don't know where this sudden motivation came from, but I heart it.
  3. Speaking of that scrapbook, apparently I bought a book in a random size. I wanted something smaller and less intimidating (at the time - now I want a big one but I've already started so I'll finish this one and do year 2 of his life in a big one) and inserts were slightly tricky to find.
  4. I went to visit my mom today.
  5. I have a dentist appointment today. Yaaaaaaaaaay
  6. So excited for Easter this year. I have so many plans for Ben.
  7. Speaking of Easter... I'm curious about how Ben will do with the Easter Bunny this year. I have a feeling I'm going to have similar pictures to the Christmas ones :-D
  8. Nick's graduation is RIGHT around the corner and I'm soooooo excited for him to be done.
  9. I have lots of plans that are finally getting worked on. Few things in progress: finish the bedroom, finish outside (I've asked Nick to pretty please have that done by Easter weekend so the Easter Bunny can leave eggs for Ben to find back there) and then we're gonna make our front living room into a craft room/office
  10. I love our new coffee pot.
  11. Still living without a functioning dryer, but that's okay. It's way better than when our washer didn't work.
  12. I wore flip flops today but my toes are kind of cold. I think I might have to go put socks on!
So there are my 12 random things for today. word.

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