Monday, August 8, 2011


Recently / random mind dump:

1. Caught Ben wandering around in my shoes. I thought it was especially funny with no pants on
2. & 3. If Ben hears or sees the camera, he says "cheese" and has a fit if you don't take his picture and then show it to him. So I obliged. :)
4. Cups are Ben's faaaaaaavorite tub toy. He calls them "pups" and it melts my heart. He's also slightly obsessed with brushing his teeth.

5. Part of our room re-do. The left side of the shelves is all wrong. I love the right side, the family pictures, the vase of shells, the gaudy gold leaf tree from my granny (she's had that like my whole life and I used to admire it as a kid. She's getting ready to move and gave me the tree - I liked it with the family pictures, like a family tree). Anyway, the left is yuck. I was planning to swap out the picture in the frame (the one with the 3 pots of babies LOL) but liked the gold in the frame to balance out the gold from the tree on the other side. Any suggestions of how to make it prettier?

6. Ignore Nick's computer, phone & cup. This is my crafting space (and his little work space when he works at home). It's ugly, but it's functional and it's mine. I sat there last night and finished up a project I was doing for a friend. :)

7. A busy calendar. Heart it. You may notice "Sarah doctor" for Wednesday. Getting my gallbladder looked at after an awfully painful experience this weekend. Let's hope this doesn't equal surgery.

8. Our garden is a-growin'! Tomatoes on the vine
9. Green peppers (they don't look too fab.... hope they turn out okay!)
10. Ben sized tomatoes waiting to be eaten
11. Finally got some sand for the Sand & Water Table the Easter Bunny left. Can't wait to watch Ben explore it!

1 comment:

  1. we just got Cooper a sand box and a water table. he loves it!

    the veggies look yummy! I want to plant veggies next summer.

    So cute your little one running around in your shoes. they do the cutest things, huh?