Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dear Ben,

Dear Ben,

I figure I owe you a letter talking about how wonderful you've been, since I've posted a few now about how much you make me want to pull out my hair. :)

I've just put you down to bed and I'm so loving the way today was. You see, your daddy is out of town for most of this week. We dropped him off at the airport Monday morning and I was dreading being a single parent with you, based on some of your moods lately. I was terrified you would be a pill and make my life awful, but you've been exactly the opposite.

It's only Tuesday but this week has been so wonderful so far. Our last few grocery shopping trips have been horrid. I was preparing myself for another awful trip, thinking you'd be so upset that daddy was gone that it would spoil your mood for the day. Quite the opposite. You didn't seem that upset that we left daddy behind (I bet you'll cry next week, though, if this goes like it did last time). You did wonderfully at the store. You did wonderfully all day.

Today was also wonderful. You got up at about 6:30 and I could hear you in there just jabbering. At about 7:00 you got up to play with the trucks in your bed and read your book and you started calling for me. I came in, gave you hugs and told you I needed to have a shower and asked if you minded playing in your bed until I was done. You told me that was fine and it was. I was able to shower, dress & dry my hair before you wanted out (and more milk).

We played and ate breakfast and hit a tiny snag when you thought it was more fun to disobey rather than listen (and I'm sure it was, for you). I was worried about getting you dressed, teeth brushed and out the door to the dentist without incident but again, you did just great. You were wonderful at the dentist. Last time we went, you did not want to sit in the chair. You did not want the dentist to look in your mouth. You cried and arched and were not having any of it. Considering that and your current temperament, I was prepared for the worst.

You, my wonderfully delightful little boy, blew my socks off. You cheerfully climbed up in the chair. You showed the hygienist your "new" book (it's not at all new, so I'm not sure why you said that) and were a little wary of the chair going down but were soon won over by the movie playing on the TV in the ceiling. You wanted nothing to do with the headphones. You opened your mouth like a big boy when she asked and let her count all your little teeth. She showed you her polisher and you allowed her to do your front two teeth. You especially enjoyed the water. :)

While we waited for the dentist to come in, you brushed the teeth on the monster waiting in the chair, we looked at the Legos and the magazines. You started get to bored and wanted to go back up front to look at the fish (why do dentist offices always seem to have fish tanks?). When Dr. Higer came in, you again climbed up in the chair with no problems, let her lean the chair back and look at your teeth. She brushed a little, complimented you on your behavior and said you were better than some of her 5 year olds. Quite the compliment!! Then we got our new toothbrush, our flossing pick and were allowed to pick out a prize from the prize drawer.

After that, we stopped through Starbucks and got your favorite fruit pouch as a prize for being awesome and came home to play, eat lunch, play and have a nap. Your naps have changed a bit. It used to be a struggle to get you to stay up til 12:30 but now you don't seem to fall asleep til after 1:30 and sleep usually until 3:30 or 4:00. Makes trying to do anything in the afternoon hard, but I'd rather have no plans in the afternoon than no napping.

We played again, ate dinner, went to the craft store, talked to daddy... when it was time for bed, you decided no bath tonight but used the potty, brushed your teeth & washed your face with no problems (well, you didn't really want to wash your face, but I made you). :)

I love you bub. I'm so glad we're having a nice week. Your mommy needed her sweet Ben back while daddy has been gone. I sure hope he sticks around the next two weeks!!!

10 days til we know if it's baby brother or baby sister in mommy's tummy!!


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