Monday, March 11, 2013


I found the baskets at Shopko for $7.99 each.  I thought that was a great price (though 6 at once does add up, even if they are on clearance...).  The big white bins on the bottom two shelves used to be in my bathroom closet.  The basket on the top left used to be like wood color.  Hello, spray paint! :)  It's lined with a pillow sham cover for my bed set and filled with yarn.

I used empty mason jars to make my ribbon pretty.  I heart it.  ;)  The basket to the left holds all my most used sewing supplies.

I saved Matthew's baby food jars, boiled them to get the labels off (and to you know, get 'em really clean) and then I spray painted the lids and put all my buttons in them.  The basket to the left has my works in progress: the quiet book pages I've still yet to assemble, the advent calendar from Christmas that I still need to decorate and some bits & bobs I've been saving to scrapbook.

the shelf below the button jars is all my scrap book paper and two books I'm currently (never) working on.  Below that is another basket of my fabric stash and the supplies for the baby book club crafts.  the bottom big basket is misc crap - embroidery hoops, empty wreath forms and just random junk.

those red baskets in the hutch were from the dollar store!  all my hot glue sticks are in the white vase on top and extra glass jars hold some clothes pins.  the baskets have some felt and then just some miscellaneous stuff I don't know what to do with ;)

the shelf below that is the boys baby books, 3 boxes of photos that I'm currently (never) scrapping and my (never used anymore) Cricut.  The drawers underneath hold my cartridges, stamps, Cricut mats, paper scraps, and more kid craft supplies in the bottom drawer (finger paints, puffy sticker letters, foam sheets, fake gem thingies).

I made the beach sign!  double heart!!  ;)

the red photo boxes below are actually spray painted.  they used to have floral prints - one was hot pink & multicolored flowers and the other was purple flowers.  photo albums and extra books are in the bins on the top shelf and shelf below.  the baskets below those two shelves are all full of Ben's toys - legos, Thomas trains & tracks & stuffed animals.

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