Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tumble Time!

When Ben started up preschool, I stopped sending him to Tumble Time because I couldn't juggle both expenses.  As much as we all love school, we were pretty bummed to miss out on Tumble Time, so in January we started him back up again and I'm so glad we did.  Even though he missed about half that term from being sick and then recovering from surgery, we're so glad to be going again!

This surgery was the very best thing we could have offered our little guy.  The confidence he's gained... he never ever did the beam by himself before - he always had a death grip on Miss Colista.  Now he confidently walks across like no big deal (which to me, it's a GIANT deal)... well... except on the taller beam.  He still needs a little help from Miss Colista on the taller beam.

Such a difference a few months makes.  I was worried that seeing me in the lobby would be a distraction (not that he couldn't do the class without me, but that looking up and seeing me would cause issues) but he mostly doesn't even look my way.  He's so focused on the class, he's such a great listener, tries all the courses.

It's much fun.  I'm so glad we juggled money and are able to have him go again!

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