Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Binkie: Revisited

Just about a month ago, I posted about how our family had a "dirty little secret" regarding a certain preschool aged child and a pacifier.

Once the binkie was returned, the naps came back.  Better sleep came back.  Improved moods (for every one) came back.

Unfortunately, Ben's habit of chewing on his pacifier also came back.  Last Wednesday or so, I discovered he'd nearly chewed through the pacifier nipple and it was barely hanging on.  Sad faced, I told him I couldn't let him use it for bed time - if that piece came off while he was sleeping, it could choke & really hurt him.  He was, obviously, upset.  I ended up breaking the tip off and giving him the broken bink.  He instantly stuck it in his mouth and tried to suck.  No good.  I told him he was welcome to keep it as long as he wanted.  And he did.  He kept it on his nightstand for a few days but didn't really need it.

Sleep was actually fine.  I suggested he try sucking his thumb, if he needed to.  He tried it a few times but wasn't super into it.

But then he was.

And now he often pops his thumb into his mouth when he's feeling sleepy or in need of some sort of comfort.  The thumb goes in and the other hand reaches up to the top of his head to play with his hair.

I'm actually totally okay with this and don't plan to make a deal about it - EVER.  I sucked my thumb way longer than I should have, and I think part of that was due to how much my family tried to get me to stop.  The harder they tried, the harder I resisted.  Thumb sucking is his deal.  I don't have to provide it.  I don't have to buy it or replace it.  I don't have to look for it in the middle of the night.  I don't have to look for it when it gets set someplace odd after waking.  I don't have to set rules about when it can be used (and I won't).

And there's no jealousy over why Matthew gets one and can he have one of Matthew's?

I'll take it as a win.

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