Monday, August 5, 2013

Kids Say...

too long for a FB status & a memory I want to keep forever:

Yesterday evening at bed time, Ben & I had cuddles and a song and then I left the room while Nick & Ben had their cuddles & song (a nightly tradition).  When Nick was done, he came out and said Ben was asking for more mommy cuddles, so I went back in and was cuddling/tickling Ben.  He got a little crazy and kicked at me, which was my signal that silly time was done and it was bed time.  Slightly annoyed at being nearly kicked in the face, I said "good night" rather curtly, covered him up with his blanket and left the room.

Cue the hysterics.

Cue the theatrical crying.

Several moments passed and his door opened and a sobbing Ben rushed into the living room and launched himself at Nick.

"What's going on, Ben?"

(in a hysterical, sobbing voice): "Mommy said good night!"

to which Nick tried to smother a laugh and said "oh my goodness!  she said "good night"???  is that all??"

and Ben launched into a few more tears and blurted out "then she put the blanket on me!"

and Nick couldn't hold it back anymore "she said good night and tucked you in??  what a mean mommy!"

oh, that kid.

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