Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Well, today marks the 3rd year of our marriage. So far, so good. No major drama, not gigantic hurdles that we've jumped over. Some would says - oh, 3 years. That's still practically newlyweds. Remember, though, that we've been together since for just about 11 years now.

What's changed since we took that trip down the aisle 3 years ago? Well, the biggest change of course is that we moved states. We left our home in Enumclaw last July and set course for Boise. We landed a little west of Boise, in Meridian. Nick's also enrolled in school. He's in his 4th quarter of school and has 2 more years to go.

Not much else has changed! We're so boring! I know many of you are anxious for babies....not yet! Maybe soon - who knows? We have no set plan on that, so when it happens, it happens but rest assured that I'll be singing it from the hilltops when it does happen! :-)

So, that's my anniversary blog. Not so exciting - in fact, we're not even doing anything today for our anniversary. Nick has school tonight and I'll probably go to the gym. HA!

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  1. Oh crap, I forgot! I did mail a card though!

    Happy Anniversary!