Monday, June 2, 2008

Seattle Bound: Day 3

On day three, we ventured downtown. We walked around Pike Place Market, there was some sort of festival going on. Sarah finally went into the first Starbucks (although she didn't want to wait in line to get a coffee). After Pike Place, we walked down to Ivar's, the main restaurant was only serving Brunch until 3:00 pm, so we decided to eat at Ivar's Fish Bar instead.

I enjoyed it!

The seagulls enjoyed it!

Sarah, not so much. She was terrified that the seagulls would eat her hair...

After lunch we took the Argosy Harbor Tour. A young Captain Stubing pictured here, guided the vessel round Elliott Bay, it really was a nice tour. I learned many things on tour thanks to the narrator. Like the piers are at 45 degree angles because when they loaded the trains, its a lot easier for a train to turn 45 degrees, rather than 90 degrees. I also learned that Mississippi was a city, it's also rains more there than in Seattle. All this time I thought Mississippi was a state... silly me.

Ferries Abound!

We enjoyed the tour!

Downtown Seattle... on a beautiful overcast day.

Sarah being silly.

This was an artsy fartsy picture I took of Sarah and Sodo. You can see Safeco and Qwest in the background.

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