Sunday, June 1, 2008

Seattle Bound: Day 2

So, I sit here on my rock hard bed at our lovely Motel 6. Nick's getting ready for the day in. Today we're off to Seattle to do Pike Place and have some fish & chips at Ivar's on the pier. We MIGHT ride the ferry, but I heard it's gotten very expensive, so we might not.

Yesterday morning started fairly early. We got up, grabbed some Starbucks and met George & Ashley @ Costco to fuel up. We paid under $4.00/gallon (I can't remember, but I think it was about $3.90 or something), which is so much better than what the gas station at the hotel offers us. Bummer is that we can't buy gas at Costco unless George & Ashley are there with us since my membership expired in March. Well, so far it feels like I've been measuring our trip in terms of Starbucks and gas prices. ha ha.

After we fueled up, we headed out towards the mountain. we did a quick detour past our old house - it's exactly the same. Weeds in the driveway, same dull gray, and even the recycle bin is parked in the same place. we would have gawked longer, but the new owner was peering out the widow, so we drove on.

Of course, it was overcast and the mountain was hiding. We all piled in George & Ashley's car (as is typical of when we would go camping w/ them) and explored the forest service roads & the conditions of some of our old camping sites. Some of the roads are in terrible condition - the forest got hit pretty hard with wind and snow storms again this winter.

After the day adventure was over we went out to dinner at a new (to me) restaurant in Federal Way called McGrath's Fish House. It was pretty good - fairly reasonable prices. Then we hit the EQC for some gambling (we all agreed that we liked Muckleshoot better, but the EQC is closer to where all of us live/stay). I lost all but 2 cents of my $20 to play in the slots and Nick won $115 off of his $20 on the blackjack tables.

Well, more to follow. I'm excited to get into the city and play tourist!

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