Monday, August 18, 2008

Dreaming of Fall

I am SO ready for fall. The crisp, cool air. Spiced ciders and hot chai tea lattes. Crunchy leaves in bold, autumn colors. The oranges, the browns, the deep reds. Pot pies, homemade chili and stew. Hot rolls, fresh from mom's oven. I'm ready for Halloween. Jackolanterns, corn stalks, bales of hay. Chilly autumn nights where the stars shine bright and the moon hangs low and golden. The anticipation of the other holidays to soon follow, Thanksgiving with family crowded around a festive table, talking over mashed potatoes and candied yams. Christmas with old fashioned ornaments hanging from a brightly lit tree. Cheery presents wrapped merrily, awaiting to be opened by eager hands. Apple pies and kaluah, fruit cake and lebkuchen.

And now for something completely different:

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