Sunday, August 17, 2008

Panic: Undue

I've begun to realize that I'm becoming increasingly more panicked at the thought of getting older. Birthdays never mattered over much to me - I like them, I like the attention and the celebration and of course, the presents - but the number itself wasn't a big deal. I often forget how old I am and have to stop and think about it when asked. 27 isn't old by any standard. However. I keep thinking of that impending big number. 30. That's not old, either. I know plenty of people in their 30's and I certainly don't consider them to be old. But the prospect of MYSELF joining that group....Yikes.

Nick just said "2042" which absolutely FREAKED me out. I'll be 61. On the one hand, I'm way excited to be there. What will the world be like in another 34 years? How far will technology, medicine, laws, values, etc progress? Will there BE any progression? I read a book series by JD Robb (it's Nora Robert's alter ego). The series is focused around a New York City police lieutenant in the homicide department and each book is all about her current case. I enjoy the book, murder, suspense and just enough romance to keep it light and fun. It's certainly not educational or earth shattering, but I enjoy it and reading should be fun. In any case, this series is set in the future. About that time frame I mentioned above, 2042 or thereabouts. She writes about such things as cars that can go on autopilot. They can fly. They have this deal called an autochef. You choose your food item from a menu (based on food available on hand) and it prepares it for you, etc. None of these things seem unreasonable or too far fetched for me to grasp, so it doesn't distract me from the book. I often find myself wondering how far we'll progress in those 30-some-odd years. Will I have an autochef or it's equivalent? Will prostitution be legalized, licensed and regulated?

Anyway, I've gotten off track from my original point. I keep finding myself increasingly concerned with getting old and, oddly enough, saving money. I have this internal panic with myself that I need to save as much money as I can. Which is great, because we're building a really nice savings account that will come in handy should anything happen.

Well, I sort of lost track of where I was going with all of this, but there you go. My thoughts are often scattered and a bit jumbled.

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