Sunday, November 9, 2008

Kids Incorporated

We had a Chochrek Children weekend and had such fun! Friday night we had dinner over at David & Letty's (she made home made - authentic Mexican - taquitos YUM), then we came home and met Carin at our house for a Scentsy/child exchange. I sold her some Scentsy bars and she left us Hannah & Emma. To get in the spirit of Disney on Ice the following day, we watched Beauty & The Beast.

Saturday morning we got up, had breakfast, colored a little, got dressed and headed out to Taco Bell Arena for Disney On Ice! We got there late - traffic SUCKED. There was a BSU game that kicked off at noon, so all the tailgaters were competing with those of us trying to go to Disney on Ice. it was great. I love stop and go traffic. Anyway, that is a great show. I realized that I know a LOT about Disney - I know all the character names and was busy passing them along to Hannah and Emma. I was so pleased, they LOVED the show and paid attention the whole way through. I really didn't think we'd make it to the end, figured the girls would get bored and we'd sneak out early. they were great! They didn't ask for anything other than a snack and something to drink. Emma got cotton candy and Hannah got popcorn. Emma's cotton candy came with a crown and we all took turns trying it on.

We got to see the princesses and princes from Beauty & The Beast, The Little Mermaid, Pocahontas, Aladdin, Cinderella & Snow White. They did little mini shows of Beauty & The Beast (which we missed most of since we were late), Toy Story, It's a Small World, Pinocchio, The Incredibles, Mulan, and the Lion King. In between all that were little vignettes with Mickey & Mini Mouse and Donald Duck.

After the show, we headed out to Jamie & Carin's favorite Vietnamese restaurant for the child exchange. Little did we know (and to his parents surprise as well) Connor hit us up for an overnight on Saturday. We agreed and took him home. I got all my Scentsy orders prepared for delivery to Elaine's and was SO ANNOYED to find out Scentsy didn't ship one of the plug in's for my order. I was going to just give the customer my plug in (she ordered the same one I have), but I didn't realize mine was stained from when I spilled Sunkissed Citrus on it. So, dang it, I had to deliever the orders partially filled and will have to deliver the plug in when it gets here. I sent email to Scentsy because my order history shows that it ships, but I clearly didn't have it when I assembled my orders. That's SO ANNOYING. I sure hope they make good on it, send me another and send it QUICK.

Well, that's it, so far. Nick is doing home work while Connor is playing xBox and I'm updating this blog. In a bit, we'll head over to mom's for Packer football and get Connor home at some point. but for now, house work is calling! I'll have another fun blog to update tomorrow - we're going to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra with my work. I'm so excited!

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