Tuesday, December 9, 2008

December News

Well, it's been awhile since I blogged about anything update wise. I have so much to say, but I'll bet this blog is short because I'll probably forget half of it by the time I get to it!

Thanksgiving came and went. Nick's parents came up from Florida for a few days over Thanksgiving. It was a short and sweet trip. We didn't get to do too much, we did take them on a drive up to Crouch for the day & had lunch and did a bit of shopping. We mostly just hung around with the family, chatting and playing games. It was nice to see them!

See, I've already forgot what I was going to say (you don't know this, but it's been over an hour since I started this blog...I am actually working). Speaking of work, here's something. Brenda is coming back! I'm so excited! She won't be back til after the new year, but hopefully not too much longer. We could use her. And she's the perfect option - she's knows our customers, she's familiar with the way we do things and I could go on and on. I just wish she'd never left in the first place, but I'm SO happy she's coming back! This will make life SO MUCH EASIER!

Another thing slightly work related. As I was leaving work yesterday, I pulled up to the stop light at our business park behind a car that had an advertising decal for interior home staging. I went to her website and sent her an email, asking if she needed an assistant or apprentice. I don't think she'll respond, but at least I took the step! I hope I hear back! It'd be fun to do something like that on the side.

And on the subject of things "on the side", my Scentsy business has slowed way way way down to like nothing. I didn't meet my sales goal for November, which means I have to meet it either this month or in January or I'm out. :-( I'm way bummed. I had really hoped that Elaine's party would generate some other parties being booked, but nothing so far. I've been sending out my business cards with the bills that I can't pay online. I left my catalog with the tip when we went out to dinner. I thought I had an order lined up from one of my friend's moms, but she hasn't ordered yet. I'm open to any suggestions that anyone can think of on how to promote my little business. I don't want to get the boot in January, but I can't afford to order that much product to keep myself active, either! HA!

And that's a nice segue into my next topic of other things I can't afford. My car. The check engine light came on, so I took it down to Rooster's to have it looked at. I was hoping so badly that it was something easy cheesy to fix. Nope. It needed fan belts (which we had replaced to the tune of $219). The motor that runs the fan that gives me heat and cool is dying and will cost $240 to repair. I said to hold off on that for now. I'll just wear a heavy coat if the fan dies. but here's the kicker. The catalytic converter is shot. :-( And because it's on the manifold, Rooster's can't fix it - I have to take it to a Mitsubishi dealer. The guy estimated $1200 for repair, but I'll betcha Mitsubishi jacks the price. All said and done, that's almost $2k of work. My car is only worth $2300. So here's my dilemma. Do I try to buy a new car, with my crappy credit and get bummed when they laugh in my face? Do I drive my granny's car (well - Nick would drive it and I'd drive his car) until tax time? Or do I try to shell out the dough and just get it fixed, hoping it lasts me a few more years til Nick is out of school and we can afford something better? Sigh. I haven't decided what to do yet. This couldn't come at a worse time.

Well, I guess that's really it. I hope you guys are having a great holiday season!

p.s. - to the Florida Beesley's (if you read this): your Christmas gifts were mailed via UPS and should be delivered on Monday, the 15th. Rob & Tara - we forgot to include one of the gifts for Shea. We'll get it shipped out, but it might not make it in time for Christmas. :-(

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