Friday, February 6, 2009

Birthday Wishes

Well, it just dawned on my that my birthday is in ELEVEN DAYS. I'll be 28 in ELEVEN DAYS. Yikes. I love birthdays. What other day of the year is set aside just for you?

So, for anyone that might wish to purchase me a giftie to open for my birthday celebration (and really, who wouldn't?), I have compiled a list of items I would not mind owning. Such as....these. I would love to own those. I also would not be opposed to an item of your selection, or perhaps a gift card to Heritage Reflections - my most favorite store EVER. I'm also going to Florida next money. Cold hard cash is never turned down and always useful. :-) I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these ducks!!! I want to own my own personal gaggle of Smith & Hawken ducks. Do ducks come in a gaggle? I digress....apparently they're hard to find. I used to get them at Target, but it doesn't appear they sell them any more.

I <3 Body Shop Coconut stuff! Like this body butter or this handwash. I have a wishlist at website and a wishlist going on There's tons on it that I wouldn't mind having. Nick & I have been going to the movies a lot, so maybe passes to the movie theatre by my house would be good? We got the Majestic in Meridian.

Well, there are some ideas anyway. I'm open to lots of things. I both love and hate giving birthday wish lists - I hate them because I always feel greedy "here, get me this and this and this" but I love them because I know how hard it is to shop for some one when you have NO idea what they like. maybe these will spark some ideas!

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