Thursday, February 5, 2009


Well, come March 1st we're Florida bound. Nick's got a week off between quarters, we have a bit of extra money and flights are uber cheap right now. We haven't been down to TPA in.......3 years? It's been awhile and it's def our turn to go, so off we go.

Let's see, what else is new in the house of Beesley. We had our Superbowl party last Sunday and had a really good time. We had about 13 people over for fun, food & football. by the end of it we were exhausted. Prepping to have people at your house is a lot of work, but we love doing it. We just need do it it more often.

Nick & I are sick. This is my second cold this year - yay me! We went off to Walgreens this evening and armed ourselves up with cold crape. We'll see how it goes, hopefully this stuff is gone SOON!

My dentist debacle continues. I had my root canal yesterday and before he can finish I have to go get my wisdom tooth removed. I may also have to have periodontal work done so that there's enough room to attach the crown. This sucks. I've never had a root canal before and I NEVER want to have one again. It. Was. Hideous. Ick.

Nick's got 3 weeks of this quarter left! Yay!

I guess that's it. Nothing too exciting to talk about in our lives, which it's been so long since we updated.

Oh! Birthdays. it is bday season for us.
Me - the 17th
My mom - the 26th

Connor - the 11th
Nick's dad - the 23rd

Shea - the 3rd
Hannah - the 4th
Nick's bro - the 14th
Nick - the 17th
Carin - the 26th

Nick's mum - the 5th

the we have a bit of a break until fall.

bye now.

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