Monday, March 16, 2009

Bad Girl Tips

So, for Susan's birthday I sent her one of those daily calendars where you rip off the page every day - this one was a Bad Girls calender and every day it's got little tips, funny quotes, bad girl history, etc. Here's today and it completely cracked me up:


Look Bad Beauty for the Morning After

If you called in sick from the road, it helps to look the part on your first day back. Simply don’t do one thing that you normally do. Most people won’t notice what’s different – they’ll just think you look like hell and won’t question whether or not you were really sick.

1) If you usually wear mascara, eyeliner, and lipstick, skip the eyeliner. You’ll look tired and washed-out. No one will know exactly why, but they’ll feel sorry for you.
2) If you normally wear mascara and lipstick, skip the mascara. But be sure to wear lip color so people think you’re made-up. (And, in fact, you are.)
3) If you have short hair, do your usual beauty routine but don’t wash your hair. It’s disorienting to others – and quite effective – when you have flat, limp hair or lumpy, bumpy bedhair but the rest of you is all put together.

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