Monday, March 9, 2009

Well, we're back

So, last week we jetted off to Florida to visit Nick's family. Sunday was AWFUL. I have never had an experience like this while traveling before and I hope to never have to repeat it. We got on our plane to leave Boise, we pulled away from the jetway and then just sort of sat. Forever. Finally the captain came on and said they were having an issue and hoped to have it resolved soon. Then a little bit later he came back with another update, they were having a problem with a computer issue in the cockpit and needed to get a contract engineer to come fix it and they weren't sure how long that was going to take, so they were going to pull back into the jetway. Nick & I are getting worried, because we only had an hour and a half layover in Denver and at this point we were an hour delayed leaving Boise. Finally the problem was fixed and we left.

We touched down in Denver with JUST enough time to find and make it to our gate for the flight to Florida........just as they were saying our plane had been put out of commission and it would be several hours before a new plane would be ready for us, so just to sit tight! Yeah. Fun stuff man, fun stuff. We were supposed to get in to Tampa at about 6:30ish....we didn't land until right about 10:00, if I'm thinking correctly.

Our whole trip was fairly relaxed and loose. Monday we went off to our favorite orange grove place and got some ice cream and a gallon of OJ (which we finished by Friday). :-) Then we went off to Rob & Tara's in St Pete to hang out.

Tuesday Nick, me & his mom drove over to some place called Crystal River and looked at a park thing. I saw an armadillo! It was exciting... :-) That night we went back to St Pete and had dinner at a sushi place w/ Rob & Tara.

Let's see, Wednesday Nick & I stole some time for ourselves and headed out to Orlando. Did I mention I was sick? I caught some awful cold while there (still not over it yet), but was a trooper anyway. After we got back from Orlando, I went straight to bed. Woke up and attempted to eat (my appetite still isn't quite right) and then went back to bed.

Thursday we had a day of shopping with the Beesley crew and dinner at Caddy's on the Beach. It was a really great night!

Friday we got up, packed up all our crap and headed over to Rob & Tara's. Nick's parents took Shea for the night and we went out to dinner and then do this pub called the Cockney Rebel for karaoke. After that, we crashed back at Rob & Tara's house for the night. Saturday we came home!

I'm glad to be back. we had a nice trip and it was so great to see every one! Nick found that he got all A's last quarter - yay - and starts his new school/work schedule today.

Well, the coffee is finally done brewing so off I'll go! More later!

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