Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tedium Tuesday

Well, it's Tuesday evening and here I sit. Nick is off to class and I'm waiting for Dancing With The Stars results show to turn on. Yes. this is my super fantastic life. The glamour. The intrigue. The sparkles (tee hee).

Anyway, we're about two weeks int to our new life schedule. So far it isnt' as bad as I thought it would be. Monday's, Wednesday's & Friday's Nick's at work from 12:30 pm til 9:00 at night. I've been taking my lunch earlier on those days so I can come home and have lunch with him before he heads out for his work day. Then I come home from work and fix dinner and take it to him on his evening break. I'm still up when he gets home from work, so we get to see each other off and on through out the day. Tuesday's and Thurday's are a bit different, as he goes to work from 8:30 am til 5:00 pm. Then he has school at 6:00. He as just enough time to come home and grab a quick bite before heading back out to school. I see him for maybe 2 minutes when he gets home. Then Saturday's he's at school from 9:00-12:00. So at least we have most of the weekend. But, over all it's not as bad as I thought it would be. The majority of the week we see each other off and on through out the day and that really helps.

Let's see, in other "exciting" news - we did a bit of spring cleaning this weekend and got our garage all nice and tidy.

okay - random side bar - for any of you that watch DWTS too, REALLY?!?!?! The Woz is safe? REALLY!?!? REALLY!??!? are you KIDDING me right now? UGH!

Okay. Sorry. This is what happens when you blog while watching TV. Random bursts. :-)

I really have nothing that exciting to post about. As usual.

Well, I've had this open for like 20 minutes with nothing new added, so apparently I have nothing of any interest to add. So, off I go. Ta ta now.

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