Sunday, June 7, 2009



  1. These are the cutest pages!

  2. Hi Sarah & Nick:

    Thanks for the email. I enjoyed reading your blog. Not sure how to tap into it unless you send it to me. Your observation about a baby with big feet is correct, all my family have big feet, Nick and Rob had big feet, my Father had massive feet, Roger's Dad had huge feet. Never mind, if it's a boy, remember "Big Feet equals Big ? " You know what I mean. I hope I didn't put that idea in your heads when I told Nick about our Bigfoot family.

    Nick & Sarah, I too cannot wait until July to find out what the sex will be.

  3. Hi Again:

    I'm not sure what happened to half of my comment - I'm not that great at this stuff. I thought this was the greatest page, one that the baby will really enjoy reading one day. It's great to document this stuff - its history in the making.

    Sarah keep well and Nick look after your sweetheart.

  4. i had no idea roger's middle name was "stuart" ! between that name and "percival" you've got your future boy name! lol...j/k

  5. oh, btw, the peanut gallery is acually Tara using Rob's gmail account xo