Thursday, June 11, 2009

What's That I Feel?

So I've been feeling an odd little sensation in my baby bump today. Could it be the baby moving around? Perhaps. Of course, I took to the interwebs to see what's what. The general consensus is that most women carrying their first child won't feel any definitive movements until at least 16 weeks. For women who have been pregnant before, they are more equipped to tell much earlier (at 13 weeks) the difference between baby motion and gas.

Well, I'm 13 weeks this week (almost 14, can you believe it?) and I swear this isn't gas. It isn't much, just a light fluttering like butterfly wings. I'm choosing to believe it's our little potato (that's what Susan's dad calls it - he refers to me as Potato since I live in Idaho).

In other news, not much else to report. Morning sickness is completely gone. It's too early to start doing stuff with the nursery at this point, but I have begun registering for the more generic items we'll need. The room that will become the nursery is a bit of a disaster, so we're going to start working on getting it cleaned out and organized a bit ahead of schedule.

We're still adjusting to Nick's new schedule. He's not home before 9:00 at night any more, so my nights are sort of lonely. However, I've been tapped to help Susan prepare for a Scentsy event she's having next weekend (I'm making some flyers and samples) so that'll keep me busy.

Well, I guess that's it! Like I said, not too much exciting happening just yet!

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