Monday, September 14, 2009

Baby Blabber

The shower is coming up in 5 days! I'm so excited to see everyone and get to decorate Ben's room! I've been DYING to buy stuff but I'm making myself wait until after the shower. It's been really hard. We did do a teeny bit of shopping, to sort of stave off the beast for a while longer. Babies R Us had these SUPER cute drawer pulls and light switch covers.... we got a monkey light switch cover and some little lion heads for the closet door pulls. We hung up the little monkey wall decal plaque thingie that I bought a few weeks ago to match colors to and a mirror that was in there before.

Did a small amount of crafting type things this weekend - I had a series of 3 mirrors hung in the room before that I painted up. Did two green and one brown. I'm going to paint shapes on them today, circles & stripes I think. We also had this wooden "B" that I never put anywhere in the house, so we painted it green w/ brown stripes. I'm just so excited to get his room all put together!!

This is gonna be a busy week. Susan gets here Wednesday afternoon, on Thursday we're doing our traditional pedicure and lunch date and Nick's graduation is that night. Maybe we can get together with some other people and do a congratulatory dinner for him? Friday Susan & I are going to finish up any shopping that needs to be done for the shower and Nick's maybe graduation party. This is very loose and completely unplanned. I THINK we're having a party (I really want to host one for him - no one else seems to think this is as big a deal as I do but dang it I'm so proud of him for accomplishing this goal all on his own) but it's up to Nick and if he decides to invite people. Saturday is the shower, so we'll be busy probably all day with that. Sunday is loose - all I know for sure is that I have to kidnap Susan to my parents for a Packers game and then she goes home on Monday morning.

In non-related baby news - Nick has an interview on Tuesday!! The guy called him up yesterday and said they'd interviewed a few people but were looking for more to choose from. I hope they like him!!! Send good thoughts his way on Tuesday!

Oh back to more baby news. Took my glucose test on Thursday. Man, that drink is gross. I mean, I've certainly tasted worse things in my life - it mostly tasted like really sweet & flat orange pop. I have gained one pound, but I'm still down 4 for the total pregnancy so far! Baby's heartbeat sounded great and the doctor recommended I get my flu shot when they're available. I don't know if I passed the glucose test or not yet. Doctor said if I don't hear anything, then I'm good to go. Otherwise, I have to take the 4 hour test. blech. I see her every two weeks from now until the end of November, when I'll go in every week until he makes his debut!

So that's my news. Yay. :-)

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