Monday, September 21, 2009

The Final Countdown

Well it seems all the big stuff is behind us. We just have to kick back and wait for Ben to make his arrival!

This past week was a busy one for us! Susan got here on Wednesday evening and it kicked off our action-packed-non-stop-run-a-muck weekend. Wednesday itself was fairly casual, her flight got here at about 4:30, so we came back to the house and dropped off her luggage and then headed out to the Ram for dinner. After that we just hung out and chatted, watched Twilight and then Nick was home from work.

Turns out that while we were gabbing and catching up, Nick was accepting a new job!!!!! It's working with the Idaho Fish & Game (he'll actually be working for a company called Pacific Marine Fisheries Commission - as a federal employee whoop whoop) tracking fishery information for the biologists in the North West - at least, that's the simplified, dumbed down version of what he's doing. He starts with them on the 1st and gave his notice to EDS on Saturday. He's a free man (paid vacation - yay) until the 1st! I already have a laundry list of chores for him.

Thursday Nick headed off to work and Susan & I headed out to our now traditional lunch at Rembrant's and pedicures at Two Rivers Salon and Spa. This is the only picture I think we managed to catch of the both of us together:

After all that fun goodness, we came home to get ready for Nick's graduation. Turns out that he graduated with honors!!! He's kicking himself a little bit, as he just barely missed graduating with highest honors (the minimum GPA was like 3.79 and he had a 3.75) but I'm insanely proud of him and his accomplishments.

Friday evening Nick hosted a small graduation party at the house and Susan and I had the best time sitting out on the deck (the boys were watching the BSU game) chatting and enjoying a fire in our little fire pit. Friday was an excellent day.

Saturday, of course, was all prep for the baby shower. We got up early, put together our last minute things and headed over to my mom's to set up. We had food in the kitchen and the party on the deck. I go ta boatload of diapers (which will probably last me a week - ha ha) and a ton of really awesome stuff from every one. It was great to see family and friends and we really had a good time at the party.

Sunday was pretty casual, relax before traveling type day. We headed over to my parents for the Packers game. Coincidence would have it that they were playing the Cinncinnati Bengals while Susan was here. She wore her Bengals shirt out of principal, the Packers lost and my dad had banned all non-Packer related gear on game day. :-) Then we went out to Goodwood for dinner and came back and watched Romancing the Stone while Susan did some laundry.

This morning we got up early and headed her out to the airport. She just texted and said she's all boarded and just waiting to take off.

We had a fantastic time, I'm glad she was able to come out and host the shower for me. Next time we'll get to spend a bit more time together without all our crazy chores. And maybe next time, Ben will be here!!

So now I'm off to work for a casual week. I'm completely jealous of Nick and his almost 2 weeks off. But he'll have that list of chores to keep him busy - ha ha.

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