Tuesday, September 8, 2009

September already!

Well, it's been awhile since I posted anything new. I feel like we don't have anything worthy of talking about, but inevitbly I'll come up with something to fill this blog and delight your days. This summer (ahem, year) is just FLYING by. I can't believe it's already September, that Nick will have his graduation ceremony in just a few days, my baby shower is right around the corner, that I'll get to see Susan in just over a week, and that I have 13 weeks left of my pregnancy left to go! Before I know it, Ben will be here and life will be different.

Let's see, what have the Beesley's been up to? Planning the shower with Susan and anxiously awaiting it's arrival. I'm excited, so many family are going to come that I haven't seen since we left Washington. I'm excited to see every one!!! This past weekend we did some baby prep work, we finally got all the junk out of that room. The things we thought we might have a garage sale with were donated to the Idaho Youth Ranch. We bought paint, some cute baskets for the closet and spackled the nail holes. We put up the first coat of paint yesterday. Nick got half of the 2nd coat of paint on before he had to go to work today. Next is putting up the wall decals that Ashley got for us and then slowly but surely filling the room with all the baby goodies he needs!

Nick starts his first week of school on his bachelors program this week. His new schedule is Monday, Thursday & Saturday and his work has oh-so generously accomodated his new school schedule by having him work until 9:00 on the nights of no school. Which means we're heading into the next 3 month stretch of zero evenings together. Sigh. I had such hopes that this spiffy new Associates Degree would open doors for him for a better job, where they actually care about him. Here, he's just another employee - completely replaceable. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that those offers start to come in.

So that's my fantastic update. Aren't you just so excited you took time to read this? I know I am.

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