Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fall/Winter Catalog Sale - Last Days!

Just a friendly reminder – tomorrow is the last day to order from the Scentsy Fall/Winter catalog. Take advantage of the 10% savings before it’s too late! Remember, February’s scent of the month (Torraco Mint) and the warmer (Symphony), are 20% off.

I will be taking orders for the new Spring/Summer catalog starting Sunday March 1st.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Weekend ramblings

Well, Nick is hard at work - finishing up his final project for school. Next week is his last week of classes for this quarter. One more quarter to go and he graduates with an Associates Degree! Then he goes back to school to finish out his Bachelor's program and then he'll finally get to put his hard earned degrees to work and I'll FINALLY have a sugar daddy. Hee hee.

Speaking of Nick, he's been submitting his resume like mad. His work is kind of giving him the shaft on his hours. They announced last week that his new schedule, effective March 1st, would be 12:30 pm - 9:00 pm. So, not only is that a CRAPPY schedule, but it interferes with school. He's submitted some paperwork to get his schedule changed, but there's no guarantee that they will. Hopefully he'll know more on Monday.

My work is going a lot better. It's still not my favorite thing in the world, but now that we have another person in the office, sharing the workload and that I can actually ask questions to - things are better. I'm feeling a lot more productive and less panicked than before.

A week from tomorrow we're Florida bound! We did a bit of shopping for our trip today, got some empty plastic containers for shampoo/conditioner, body wash and such. I've already made my list of things to make sure to pack. :-) I'm getting so excited! We haven't had a real vacation in awhile - I know last year we went to Seattle to visit friends, but that didn't feel like a vacation to me. This will be great, family & friends, fun & sun and the BEACH! I'm trying to think of a few "day adventures" Nick & I can take off and go do, so his family doesn't feel like they need to entertain us 24/7 while we're there. Susan told me of Downtown Disney near Disneyworld that she said was lots of fun. We've already done Disneyworld, and I really have no desire to go again - at least until we have kids to take, but the shopping sounds fun.

I also used up the last of my gift card that mom got me to Heritage Reflections today. I got the cutest little table runner and shallow bowl thing for the coffee table. I could spend hours in that store, dreaming and designing.

Okay, well, I thought I had a lot more to update, since it's been awhile since I blogged last. I guess not! This next week will be busy with me getting the house all clean (I have no idea why, but I always have to leave for vacation w/ a spotless house....I guess it's because I like to come home to a clean house and I can't do that unless I clean it before we leave) and starting to get our gear ready to go for our trip. We leave Sunday morning and get back Saturday night.

Ch-ch-check ya later kids!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hump Day!

Friday the 13th is just around the corner! Are you gonna go see the new Jason movie? We probably will not. The same dude that did the newest Texas Chainsaw Massacre is doing this one and I'm not sure I can stomach another of his movies. Ick.

Our upcoming trip to Florida is also right around the corner. However, if my much anticipated credit card doesn't arrive SOON, we won't be going. While airline tickets have decreased, car rentals have NOT. Keeping my fingers crossed that it gets here soon!!!

Susan is going to lend me her itty bitty testers to take with me, so I can share my Scentsy with the FL peeps. How awesome would it be to get some sales while I'm down there? I know it would boost me up! :-) Speaking of Scentsy - I created a seperate blog for just my Scentsy crapola. I'm not sure if I mentioned that before or not and I'm too dang lazy to scroll through my previous posts to find out. It's if ya wanna peek. Just a reminder....all things Scentsy are 10% off (and the current warmer & scent of the month are an EXTRA 10% off!) through the end of Feb....

Nick wants to go to a pub next weekend and watch England vs Wales in the 6 Nations Rugby Tournament. Sounds like it could be fun! We've procrastinated on our Neighborhood Watch duties and Nick's already wishing he hadn't volunteered.

Well, I guess that's it. Life just isn't that thrilling at Casa Beesley.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Birthday Wishes

Well, it just dawned on my that my birthday is in ELEVEN DAYS. I'll be 28 in ELEVEN DAYS. Yikes. I love birthdays. What other day of the year is set aside just for you?

So, for anyone that might wish to purchase me a giftie to open for my birthday celebration (and really, who wouldn't?), I have compiled a list of items I would not mind owning. Such as....these. I would love to own those. I also would not be opposed to an item of your selection, or perhaps a gift card to Heritage Reflections - my most favorite store EVER. I'm also going to Florida next money. Cold hard cash is never turned down and always useful. :-) I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these ducks!!! I want to own my own personal gaggle of Smith & Hawken ducks. Do ducks come in a gaggle? I digress....apparently they're hard to find. I used to get them at Target, but it doesn't appear they sell them any more.

I <3 Body Shop Coconut stuff! Like this body butter or this handwash. I have a wishlist at website and a wishlist going on There's tons on it that I wouldn't mind having. Nick & I have been going to the movies a lot, so maybe passes to the movie theatre by my house would be good? We got the Majestic in Meridian.

Well, there are some ideas anyway. I'm open to lots of things. I both love and hate giving birthday wish lists - I hate them because I always feel greedy "here, get me this and this and this" but I love them because I know how hard it is to shop for some one when you have NO idea what they like. maybe these will spark some ideas!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Well, come March 1st we're Florida bound. Nick's got a week off between quarters, we have a bit of extra money and flights are uber cheap right now. We haven't been down to TPA in.......3 years? It's been awhile and it's def our turn to go, so off we go.

Let's see, what else is new in the house of Beesley. We had our Superbowl party last Sunday and had a really good time. We had about 13 people over for fun, food & football. by the end of it we were exhausted. Prepping to have people at your house is a lot of work, but we love doing it. We just need do it it more often.

Nick & I are sick. This is my second cold this year - yay me! We went off to Walgreens this evening and armed ourselves up with cold crape. We'll see how it goes, hopefully this stuff is gone SOON!

My dentist debacle continues. I had my root canal yesterday and before he can finish I have to go get my wisdom tooth removed. I may also have to have periodontal work done so that there's enough room to attach the crown. This sucks. I've never had a root canal before and I NEVER want to have one again. It. Was. Hideous. Ick.

Nick's got 3 weeks of this quarter left! Yay!

I guess that's it. Nothing too exciting to talk about in our lives, which it's been so long since we updated.

Oh! Birthdays. it is bday season for us.
Me - the 17th
My mom - the 26th

Connor - the 11th
Nick's dad - the 23rd

Shea - the 3rd
Hannah - the 4th
Nick's bro - the 14th
Nick - the 17th
Carin - the 26th

Nick's mum - the 5th

the we have a bit of a break until fall.

bye now.