Monday, January 4, 2010


Oh my. I had the best of intentions. Let's start at the beginning - these events were set in motion on Christmas Day.

After Christmas festivities, we came home and posed with the new beeebeee in front of the Christmas tree and took our photo for some Christmas cards. I uploaded to Snapfish, picked my photo layout and ordered Christmas cards. They were finally delivered this afternoon. I've been having buyers remorse from the instant I hit "submit" on Snapfish. I wanted to do an announcement but I ordered Christmas cards (and they weren't that cheap). I've been having an internal debate ever since on what to do. Send out the Christmas cards, order announcements and send them out separate? Combine the two some how? I finally decided I really want to do announcement, so I set out to get a cute picture of just Ben. I got the area all set up and staged (I won't reveal too much because I want the photo to be a surprise). He was sleeping pretty heavily, so I oh-so-gently stripped him of his sleeper and onesie. I got him all the way to my little studio area and he woke up hungry. So I stopped and fed him, got him all settled down again and posed when he had a massive poopy blow out. So. Got that all cleaned up and had him nekkid (I had such a cute idea for a nekkid baby pic) and took about two pictures when he peed everywhere. So I was done at that point. Got him cleaned up again, back in his clothes....and he spit up. Nice.

So, I picked one fo the pictures I took and am looking for a layout I like on Snapfish when he had another big poopy diaper. I made Nick change this one, citing existing trauma from the last diapers I changed. The next thing I hear is Nick saying "oh, man, buddy!" Nick took off the diaper to change and...Ben peed. All over his little face. Bath time! Since his umbilical cord fell off, we decided to try his new bath. Yeahhh......... I got it set up on the counter and was putting water in when Nick oh-so-helpfully pointed out that water was running all over the counter and floor. So. I got THAT all cleaned up and saw on the bottom of the bath that said "to prevent leakage"...sigh. I followed the directions and started filling it up again. When, again, Nick pointed out that water was going all over the counter and floor. By this point you can imagine some pretty naughty words were escaping my lips and falling on my innocent little boys ears. Hey - he's gonna learn them soon enough. At least he can't repeat them yet. So I cleaned up the water again and took another gander at the directions and FINALLY got it right.

Now he's bathed, changed, swaddled and napping beside me.

Good grief.

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  1. LOL! I don't mean to laugh, but that was a hysterically funny blog there, Sarah! Ahhhh, it brings back those old memories of when I could curse and not have to worry about a child repeating them to their grandfather or teacher...sigh. Just wait, there will come a day when they stop peeing on you and just go on floor next to the toilet!