Saturday, January 30, 2010

February Foodies

So since Ben arrived and I've been at home, we've gotten WAY lazy with our food. We're eating out a lot because suddenly it's dinner time, we have nothing thought out or defrosted. Starting this month, that changes. I've looked at the month of February and planned out my menu - surprisingly, I'm not repeating one meal all month. Here's my anticipated menu for the month - let me know if any dish sounds intriguing and you'd like the recipe:

Date Special Notes Dinner Sides
Feb 1 School Meatloaf Mashed Potatoes & Gravy
Feb 2 School BBQ Chicken Scalloped Potatoes & Corn
Feb 3 School Steak Salad & Baked Potatoes
Feb 4
Tamale Casserole Salad
Feb 5
Burgers Macaroni & Cheese
Feb 6 Chochrek Delivery/Tiffany Shower
Feb 7
Chicken Parmesan Green Beans & Salad
Feb 8 School Tortellini Soup French Bread
Feb 9 School Fajitas Refried Beans
Feb 10 Jamie's B-day/School Bratwurst Salad
Feb 11
Tuna Noodle Casserole Salad
Feb 12
Chicken Enchiladas Spanish Rice
Feb 13
Chicken & Wine Sauce Peas
Feb 14 Valentines Day --
Feb 15 Pay Day/No Work Burritos Spanish Rice
Feb 16 School Rigatoni Bake Steamed broccoli
Feb 17 My B-day/School --
Feb 18 Ben Dr. Appt
Spaghetti Green Beans & Salad
Feb 19 New Leo movie out Dinner out?
Feb 20
Chili Cornbread
Feb 21
Caribbean Jerk Chicken Sweet Potatoes
Feb 22 School Texas Beef Skillet Salad
Feb 23 School French Bread Pizza Steamed cauliflower
Feb 24 School Stew French Bread
Feb 26 Mom's b-day --
Feb 27
Sheppard's Pie Salad
Feb 28
Pot Pies Salad & corn muffins

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