Monday, January 25, 2010

Well, he isn't dead yet

So, he's on his 6th week now. He's officially 5 weeks and 3 days old today. He's really doing great. He's started to show his personality a bit, we're getting lots of smiles and some laughs out of him, depending on what we do. He's trying out his voice a bit, starting to make some cooing noises when he's pleased. We're getting better sleeps at night these last few nights. He's going roughly 3 hours between feedings - some times less, some times more, so an average of 3 hours. It's delightful. Nick and I are sharing the feedings so we each get at least a 4 hour stretch of sleep which is FANTASTIC.

The days are odd for him. He sleeps wonderfully in his crib at night but we can't really get him to sleep there during the day - which is fine, but he doesn't sleep in his play & pack either. He wants to sleep right beside you, or better - in your arms. I have him fooled for the moment and think I may have found a solution to having him near and able to get stuff done. I set him on our bed this morning, propped up on my pillow while I got ready for the day. I think being able to smell me and hearing my voice nearby makes him think he's close beside me. So taking that theory, I've pulled his pack & play into the dining room beside the table and have him laying on my PJ shirt. I'm all set up with my Valentine's Day crafting project, my computer, etc. He's napping blissfully, unaware that I'm tricking him. :-)

I'm discovering my own inner "stay at home mommy" routine. I've always had the desire to craft and always came up with these ideas that never went anywhere. Since having Ben, I've completed one idea (the Christmas card) and I'm working on another (it's a secret til after Valentines Day).

Other than that, there's really nothing much new to talk about. Nick's mom came and stayed with us for about 10 days (she stayed a few nights over at my moms like old times) and got to spend lots of good quality time with Ben. Nick's back at school and I think I'll let him go the whole week this week. Insert guilty smile here. He missed class on Monday because it was his mom's last night and I made him come home early on Tuesday. He took his mom to the airport Tuesday morning, was home for about an hour and discovered he had to go in for a meeting, was gone for several hours, home for a few hours and then left for school. It was the first day that I'd spent almost the whole day with Ben alone, I was exhausted (been up since 5:30 that morning and slept poorly that night) and Ben was gassy and fussy. I was overwhelmed. Nick decided to skip class on Wednesday and I just didn't have it in me to make him go. This week he will. He'll go to all 3 classes and stay the whole time (unless professor lets class out early) and I will be fine with Ben. :-)

We had some friends over for dinner last night and that went okay. The company was great but Ben was a little fussy - he was way overtired and fighting sleep like a champ. Other than that, it was nice to get together with friends. We're having more friends over on Friday and I have a baby shower to attend on the 6th (I'm way excited and way overspent on my presents...I'm a little embarrassed at myself but I just love buying baby gear).

So that's my news! Off to my 6 week postpartum check up this afternoon.

Until next time...

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