Saturday, May 22, 2010


So the picture above is from a few nights ago when we tried peas for the first time with Ben. He didn't care for them that night, so I put them away, moved on to carrots and called it good. Tonight I brought back out the peas to try again. I saved them until after the rice cereal so that if he refused the peas, he wouldn't refuse all food (which he's done before). He was tolerating them fairly well, ate about half of them with much encouragement. A bite of peas goes in.

There's that face (the one above) again.

Then a HUGE shudder of disgust.

Then he gagged.

Then he gagged again, even harder.

Then, what can only be described as a truly Exorcist style moment occurred.

A giant, gooey, disgusting river of bright green peas and white rice cereal flooded out his mouth.

And all over his shirt.

And pants.

And high chair.

And my hands.


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