Monday, May 24, 2010


Ben's having a nap and I'm procrastinating folding this load of laundry that's sitting beside me on the couch. My toes are cold, I have the fire on and all I want to do is curl up with a book and veg. So, instead I'll blog and tell you what's up with La Casa Beesley recently and then maybe get around to cleaning my house.

Most of this won't really be news to any of you. I'm pretty sure all the people that read my blog are my friends on FB. As it turns out, I like to talk about myself so ha. I'm blogging anyway.

First, Susan came out for her annual visit. She was here all of last week and left on Sunday. We didn't do a whole lot while she was here - Nick & I mismanaged our funds this month and we were running extremely low on cash while she was here, so we didn't have the moolah just laying around to go out and do much. That and it's hard to do much with Ben. We did get our traditional pedicure at Two Rivers and had lunch over at Rembrandt's. We did some shopping, and she subbed at a Bunco game (more on that news later), we drove up to Bogus to see the snow and take some pictures, did a bit more shopping and just general hanging out. Watched some movies (Twilight, New Moon and The Blind Side). Drank margaritas on the deck with a fire. Played with Ben a lot. We're already planning her return trip. Originally, she wanted to come out in September but then I said how I'd love for her to be here for Ben's 1st birthday so it's likely she'll come in December instead.

So I've subbed 3 times in a row for Bunco now and they've asked me to become a regular player. I'm so excited! It's something to look forward to once a month that's not being a mommy or being a wife - just me! :-) Hopefully Nick's school schedule continues to cooperate and he doesn't have any Thursday classes (I know he doesn't for summer but who knows about fall or winter). It's my turn to host it next month and I know I'll make myself nuts trying to decide what to do. Susan & I talked about some possible themes and I'm pretty sure I have it picked out.

Ben's up to new things all the time. He's getting a lot better at sitting on his own. He still needs supervision he takes random nose dives for the floor but he's getting better. We've been to the Little Gym twice now and he seems to enjoy it. That kid is fairly fearless - I wonder what sort of shenanigan's he'll get in to when he's older. The napping problem I had not too long ago seems to have corrected it self and he sleeps like a champ now. He went through about a week and a half or so phase of sleeping all the time so we'll see how he does this week - maybe it'll even out to his old schedule. We're trying out new foods for him - as you read in my previous post: peas are on the "yuck" list for now. I'll try them again in a few weeks maybe. So far that's the only food he really doesn't like. He's had sweet potatoes, carrots, apple sauce, pears....I feel like I'm missing one. He REALLY likes pears - no "yuck" face at all when those were introduced. Just today I started a 2nd rice cereal feeding.

He's busy testing out new sounds. Right now his kick is screeching at the top of his lungs. It's ear shattering but incredibly cute and honestly I don't mind it one bit. He thinks it's super funny and so do I. He's blowing a lot of spit bubbles and was gurgling in the back of his throat but that was replaced by the screaming. I keep saying "mama" at him and he keeps looking at me like I'm a lunatic. My very favorite new thing he's doing is that he's starting to hold up his arms when he wants to cuddle. And cuddle he does. He gives hugs now - well, I don't know if they're really hugs but it feels like one and that's all that matters to me. The most annoying new thing he's doing is biting while nursing. I read some where that if that happens, I'm to break the latch and tell him "no biting mommy"....uh sure. I've done that. It doesn't work. So if any of you more experienced mommy's have any advice for me on this one, I'd sure appreciate it. if it gets worse or more frequent, the nursing is going to come to a stop and he'll get his food from a bottle.

We're working on rolling all the way over. He can roll from tummy to back - he's not too keen on it and doesn't do it very often but he does do it. he's a CHAMP are the back to side and actually is able to scoot himself upside down in his crib (so his feet are were his head was). A few times while sleeping, he's rolled from back to tummy (twice now) but he wakes up crying when that happens so I know he's not doing it on purpose. He gets about 3/4's of the way there during awake times and then rolls back on his side.

So that's it, I believe. This pile of laundry is shouting my name now and Ben should be up from his nap any minute now.

Until next time...! :-)

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