Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

My very first Mother's Day. I have to say, it was pretty awesome. It started out like normal, I got up and got Ben changed and fed. I started the coffee and started unloading the dishwasher when Nick got up. He prepared our Mother's Day Brunch (super yummy quiche, fruit salad, pecan tassies, pancakes, sausage and MIMOSA'S!!!) and we headed over to my mom's to meet up with my brother and his family to celebrate. My mom wasn't feeling so great (she had chemo last Monday and it always wipes her out by the following weekend) so our visit was short but super sweet. Got a huge box of Whitman's chocolates from my brother's family and a nice card from my granny.

After that we headed home and had a little lull to the day. Ben napped for about 2 hours, so I just mostly sat on the couch and vegged (watched Cops - great Mother's Day programming, right? ha ha). Nick cooked up some pork for pulled pork sandwiches, which we enjoyed at the park. That was a bit of a...well, it was almost a disaster. We headed out to Settler's Park by our house, found a nice tree to sit under and lugged all our stuff over. No sooner did I spread out the blanket and set Ben down when this other family staked claim RIGHT beside us (and rudely, too. dude walks up, throws down some folding chairs - not exaggerating, he literally threw them and comes back with 5 or 6 other people). Not exactly the relaxing picnic experience we had hoped for...not to mention that I'm just not that friendly and I freaking hate it when people park right on top of you. So we gathered up our stuff and went over to Storey Park and had a REALLY nice time. We ate and played with Ben in the grass and took a zillion pictures.

Ben was pretty tired by that point and fell asleep almost as soon as we put him in the car seat. We drove through Dairy Queen and I got a Peanut Buster BLIZZARD - SO good! Then we came home. Since Ben was still asleep and I wanted him to nap, we saddled up Sadie and took a stroll through the subdivision. Ben woke up about half way through but just enjoyed the scenery.

After that the festivities were pretty much over. Switched up Ben's food tonight and added some sweet potatoes to his rice cereal. I don't think he liked them. I'll give 'em another go tomorrow and see if he likes them any better. He's such a cutie, even when he's making the "yuck" face.

Nick got me the sweetest hydrangea (my favorite flower) and a really cool necklace. I actually got the necklace yesterday - FedEx was supposed to deliver it to my mom's but by the time she got to the door (again, she's sick and moves slow) the driver had given up and was already in the truck. Apparently he saw my mom at the window (they exchanged eye contact) but he didn't find it necessary to come back. Yet another reason why I dislike FedEx. Anyway, they wouldn't be coming back until Monday so after we had lunch with my mom on Saturday, Nick drove out to FedEx and picked it up. It's like a family tree type deal with our birthstones on it. The one Nick liked the best came with 4 stones so he got amethyst for me, diamond for him and then two of the blue topaz's for Ben. Nick's plan is to switch out one of the topaz's for our next baby. :-) I also got a mother's day prize from Susan yesterday - she sent me the coolest shower caddy from Thirty-One - it's black & white polka dot just like my purse! Very cool indeed.

So that was my first mother's day. I hope all my mom friends has as nice a time as I did!

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