Friday, April 26, 2013

Durango: Part 1


We went to Durango!

I almost forgot to share our adventure.  :)

Here it is, for posterity.
ready to go!
We got up bright & early Saturday morning and loaded ourselves in to the car.  Nick & I had gotten the car nearly all packed the night before - all we needed to do was add ourselves and our last minute things.

We started out about 45 minutes behind schedule, which really isn't that bad considering we're traveling with two kids.  :)  We took our first planned stop in Twin Falls, but decided to go a bit further and visit Shoshone Falls since we were there anyway.  The falls are not spectacular in March, but it was still fun to see and a great way to let Ben stretch his legs while I fed Matthew.

Ben & Nick at Shoshone Falls
Me & Matthew at Shoshone Falls

The rest of our drive down went fairly uneventfully - just long.  What should have been an 8 hour drive ended up being about 12 because of all our stops.  Ben did amazing.  He watched movies, he colored, he read books, looked out the window and snacked - he even NAPPED.  Matthew did amazing.  He napped (terribly, but he napped) and didn't fuss too much.  Matthew likes to eat every 2 hours and doesn't hide the fact that he's ready to nurse - that's part of what took so long to get down.  Having to stop to nurse, to do potty breaks, to eat food, etc.

the best way to road trip ;)

We stopped for the night in Moab.  We hit Arches National Park in the morning, but since this is picture heavy already and quiet time is over for the biggest of my little dudes, I'll save that for another post.
so excited to be out of the car 
obligatory hotel bath pic ;)

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