Thursday, April 11, 2013

9 Months.

Wow, so when things fall through the cracks - they really fall through the cracks.

My little old blog is so neglected.  I really want to keep up on it more, it's one of the only ways I keep track of my kids lives and there's stuff I just don't want to forget.  I've hardly blogged about Matthew has he's growing and that bums me out.  At some point, I'm going to get my crap together and start scrapbooking again and when I get to Matthew's - I'm not going to remember anything that happened.



He's 9 months old now.

Last time I blogged specifically about Matthew, he was 4 months.  So yeah... oops??

So, we haven't had his 9 month check up yet (that's at the end of the month when he'll be practically 10 months but there ya go), so I'll update with these blank stats later:

  • Weight: 
  • Height: 
  • Head: 

He is:
  • just starting to work on a creeper/army crawl
  • really mobile, even though he doesn't necessarily crawl much - he rolls, lunges, stretches & creep/army crawls to get what he wants.  when seated, he scooches by kicking his legs
  • not yet pulling up to stand on his own
  • finally said "mama" - his words (sounds ha ha) are: mama, dada & bubba (which is what we call Ben at home)
  • a VORACIOUS eater - this kid does not mess around with food.  he has no tolerance for purees and basically eats what we do.  the only thing I'm restricting for now are meat, peanut butter & honey.
  • has his bottom two middle teeth and is working on cutting his top two
  • adores his big brother

He does not care for:
  • getting his nose wiped - he knows what's happening when you come at him with a tissue or wipe and will turn his head away (and freak out if you actually attempt to wipe his nose)
  • vegetables (he basically only eats yogurt, fruit & bread) or cottage cheese
  • hats of any kind
People remark on:
  • his big blue eyes
  • how happy he is (though don't try to get a smile out of him at the grocery store - that boy knows how to throw a stare down)
  • his great laugh
{just for fun - here's Ben's 9 month post}

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