Thursday, January 29, 2009

Neighborhood Watch is Watching Your Neighborhood

Well, tonight Nick & I missed what was probably a fantastic episode of Grey's to go to a Community Watch meeting. A nice couple from our neighborhood decided to start up a Neighborhood Watch program and invited every one to attend the meeting. So, off we went to see what's what. It was swell. We broke up into groups depending on where we live and then chose Block Captains. Nick valiantly stepped up. Turns out we're Block Captains of basically our entire subdivision (not that it's that huge).

The next step, I guess, is to go around our designated area and collect information from the rest of the neighborhood that wants to participate in being nosy. Nick's pretty excited. I'm excited to meet new people.

In other random news, I had my dreaded appointment with the dentist. It occurred to me today that if I went to the dentist more regularly, perhaps I wouldn't dread my appointments. That seems entirely to logical so I dismissed it at once. Apparently I have a high tolerance for pain (so says Mr. Dentist Man) which surprised me. I always thought I was a wimp. :-)

Brenda is thisclose to coming back to work! YAY! We should have the word soon and then all will be right in my little world.

Random tibit from Nick (who is totally giving me stink eye because I'm forcing him to contribute): Today was rather nice. It got up to the 50's. It's a nice change from being subfreezing and windy. I'm going to get my hair cut this weekend. I've got an exciting java project I'm working on this quarter. Then I've only got 2 quarters to go to finish my second year. Woot.

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  1. This post made me laugh out loud. :) I have no idea why but it did...