Sunday, February 7, 2010

I love...

... my son (duh)
... jewelery (I've started wearing it more recently)
... baking (but I need to stop...I'm making way too many sweets recently)
... taking walks (and I should take more, due to my aforementioned baking habit)
... crafting (I have more time for it now than I did before and I'm getting better at it. Especially making cards is my favorite)
... decorating my house (but I haven't been spending as much on this recently, because I'd rather be...)
... shopping for babies (I love baby things and I'm glad so many of my friends and family (including myself, ha) are having babies and giving me an excuse to shop!)
... sleeping (and I miss uninterrupted nights of sleep)
... quiet moments in these nights of interrupted sleep when my baby smiles at me
... my goofy dog (who doesn't get nearly the attention that she used to get and I'm sorry for it)
... my husband (but babe, we desperately need a break from one another...go to work more)
... lunch and dinner dates (any one want to get together?)
... Carin's yummy soup (that's what's for dinner Monday night!)
... spring (is it here yet? I want to do a spring photo shoot with Ben and a bunny...but I'm scared of bunnies (I know, random, right?) and I don't know where to borrow one from)
... when Ben laughs in his sleep (he doesn't do it for us yet, just when he sleeps)

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